July 7, 2011

I'm IN... I Finally Made the + Crowd

YES!!!!! I'm part of the Plus crowd now. Meaning, I've gotten the invite to the new Google+ social network platform. 

So I've been playing with it. It's laid out in a real easy way to use. Simple and yet Web 2.0 elegant. But what I've noticed, and brought to my attention by a co-worker who is also using it, that it looks like the Ubuntu theme for Linux. Kind of like the new "Preview" theme for Gmail. 

Overall, I've been playing in + for a few hours. I've sent out invites, though most people won't be able to join right away, have my circles set up, my sparks set. It's looking good. The layout has some similarities to Facebook. But how many ways can you make a layout that's so busy and yet easy to navigate and read?

One thing, and i'm sure it will change as this moves forward, is no more "I need boards for my chicken coup" spamming my streams. 

One of the biggest advantages, and maybe even a slight disadvantage of using Google+, is the ability to get updates, add people to my circles from the new + bar when logged into your Google account. So while I'm working on a document, checking my email or messing around in my calendar, I can read updates and add followers to circles, all without having to open Google+ itself. This makes keeping up on the streams easier, and I don't always have to keep the page open. Just logged into my Google account. Unlike Facebook, where you need to keep it open all the time or rely on a mobile app. But Google+ has a mobile app too, so it makes access to it just as easy.

If Google sticks with this and pushes and promotes it with the better then Facebook privacy settings, I have a feeling, this may catch on. Now it won't explode over night and be a 7 million user website like that. But if they keep with it, it looks to be a great contender to the king of social media. 

But one question still remains, when, where and how will the Google ad's come into play in the layout?


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