July 31, 2011

Proverbial Shit List

Okay, so the son in law just mad my proverbial shit list. After the mechanic put in the new bushings, and tested the truck, it will not go into 3rd gear at all. So the tranny needs to be replaced. A new one from the auto store will run about $1700. So the possibilities of a rebuilt one are there. However, it will still run me about $700 for a rebuilt one and the cost for labor. so I'm still looking at over a grand.

This proverbial shit list is all exclusive. You never come off it. Only 2 others are on it and one of those is an ex. So not only is he going to start forking over monthly payments to me, not the wife, for fixing this. But he has 2 1/2 weeks to fork over the insurance money for the truck, gets the papers signed so it goes in his name so I can be done with it and to sign off on his old car. Which we took away from him because he stopped making payments on it.

He doesn't want to stay on my bad side. I can and will make his life a living hell. You don't respect me, I do not respect you. Period.


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