August 28, 2011

What A Rip Off

So in the end, I stopped over at Pep Boys during my lunch break on Thursday. I was looking at the batteries, because the car did need a new one. As I was looking, not one person came to see if they could help. No one said "Hi, welcome to Pep Boys" when i walked in. So that kinda turned me a bit. Secondly, $93 dollars for a fucking Neon? Give me a break. Advanced Auto, Auto Zone, Walmart and Sams Club all want $49.99 w/o exchange for the same battery and same 2 year warranty.

So as i decide to waste the rest of my lunch period driving to Auto Zone, the car died. Guess what, i'm buying a $93 dollar battery.

As I buy it, I ask the guy, how long until he can go out and put it in? He said they don't do that. It has to be done in their shop. Say huh? So, not only did I pay for the battery which was well over priced, but I also had to pay them to put it in for me. They wouldn't even loan me the two tools I needed to do it myself. Their competitors do it for free, but they don't?

So, $127 later, the car was running fine. What get's me even further was the fact that the manager, who by the way, was back near me at the battery section, tried to sell me their $89 dollar code scan service, instead of stating they could do a cold scan on the car to see why the engine light was still on.

I reminded him, as only I can, that i worked in the automotive world for a long while and was ASE certified. So he "Needs to not open his mouth with out thinking." I don't think he liked my choice of words.

Pep Boys slogan is "Everything for Less." Now, I'm not sure what their everything is, but it sure and hell isn't for less. This was the first time and will be the last time I go to Pep Boys. It's been at least 15 years since I've stepped foot in a NAPA because of similar things.


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