October 24, 2011

Re-inventing The Stories

So, I've started to get back into collecting comics again. The last collection i had was some 3,000 books total. Wide variety of Marvel and Image/Top Cow with some indies and a little DC thrown in. My life went upside down some 8 years ago and ended up selling 99.5% of the collection for a fraction of what it was actually worth. Including the pride and joy of the collection, issues #181 of the Incredible Hulk.  Anyways, I kept all of my Image/Top Cow books. Which included a handful of Tomb Raider, Witchblade and Darkness. Not to mention all of my Spiderman issues.

So, in the last month, I've started gathering a volume to my collection. Replacing some of the issues I can that i sold off. And filling in issues that i never got before. So in all, this new collection started with about 24 books and is now sitting at about 118.

In this new collection, I've started adding some DC. I've never been a major DC Fanboy. But with the recent re-launch making the New 52, I figured i would give it a shot. So other then my normal Marvel issues I picked up this weekend, I also picked up, Catwoman #1 and Detective Comics #1 and #2. 

Let's start off with Catwoman. Selina is sexier then ever. Plus the fact her and Batman pick up on their old "fling." The art is good, which is important to me. The story line is more or less a break through to re-introduce her to new readers as well as some background to set up the new stories. And she's half nekked!!!!

The Detective comics are more my style. Dark, well drawn, excellent color (though for the most part, im color blind). The first issue was good. The ending had me diving for the second issues.  *SPOILER* Nothing like seeing Jokers face, yes his face. Like in the movie Face Off, lying on the floor on the very last page. Now this may have been a re-hatch of a previous story. However, like I said before, I'm not big into DC. So this is all new to me. 

The second issue was just as good. I have now decided that I will stick with this series until it either changes for the worse or just stops. The good thing about this I think, is the writer is also doing the sketching. So now only can he draw what he see's, it will make it more intense. 

I may be getting older. But I've always liked comic books. The biggest reason is the art and the colors. Sometimes the story is a total flop. But the art in the issue was amazing. And since I don't have any kids, another story in itself, I can pass this collection off to my nephews when they get older. Currently, they are a little young. In a few more years, i'll get them started with some basics and maybe show them about collecting. But by time they get this collection, there will be plenty books to read. And they can choose what they wish to do with it. 


October 17, 2011

That Time of Year Again

It seems, that this time every year, my company decides it wants to take more away from it's employees. First, when our company was bought out, everything we had went. Incentives, bonus's, higher taxes on our overtime and holiday pay. Reworked holidays, including the addition of Black Friday as a paid corporate holiday???

Just last week, we get an email, stating come first of the year, we no longer get time and a half on Sundays. After 5 years of being here, this will be the final blow for a lot of people. A lot of people signed up to work Sundays for this. It wont be the case anymore.

Granted, companies are not required to pay time and a half for weekend work. But when the top five CEO's take a 117% paid increase in one year, at the same time, they remove everything the employee's have, it makes one wonder why our country is in the shitter. Especially when companies no longer report to their customers or employees but only to Wall Street, no wonder things like #OWS (Occupy Wall Street) are happening.

Companies seem to want to get their employees disgruntled enough that enough of them leave, giving the company a reason to outsource the jobs.

If the companies reported to their customers, even the shareholders would be happy, as long as they're not greedy.


Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Just an observation.

It seems that for the most part, society has taken a few steps backwards. At least in the listening and common sense arena. The majority of people i speak with on a daily basis,just don't seem to comprehend the subject of listening. The most simplest of questions escape these people. Yet they can carry on what seems to be detailed conversations of the most useless information.

The majority of people i speak with, you can ask them what color vehicle they drive and they cannot answer it.And the answer every time is"I don't understand what you're asking." The age/generation gap is from early teens to maybe 60-75 years of age. All walks of life. There is no singling out anyone. Basically a catch all pool of genes.

People complain everyday about how our businesses rape us, our govt screws us. These same people, or i should say, a good majority of these people don't understand it. And at the same time, a good majority of these people expect everything for nothing.

I'll admit, I don't understand everything. Sometimes I don't want to understand it. But if i do and don't know anything or enough, I take it upon myself to try and educate myself.

So, on my wish list for the remainder of the year, is that 1 in 5 people learn to listen, THINK and comprehend. Don't buy a Ferrari and take it to a Ford dealer expecting them to fix the knock in the motor and bitch at them because they won't touch your car, (yes i seen it last week). Don't call your phone company to pay your Dr bill and bitch because they wont accept your payment, (happened to me on Friday). And don't get pissed at your internet company because you threw your laptop because the screen died and complain your internet doesn't work & want credit on your account, (has happened to me twice).

My new campaign motto is thus:

STOP- Listen- THINK- Comprehend
~A better way of understanding those around you


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