October 17, 2011

That Time of Year Again

It seems, that this time every year, my company decides it wants to take more away from it's employees. First, when our company was bought out, everything we had went. Incentives, bonus's, higher taxes on our overtime and holiday pay. Reworked holidays, including the addition of Black Friday as a paid corporate holiday???

Just last week, we get an email, stating come first of the year, we no longer get time and a half on Sundays. After 5 years of being here, this will be the final blow for a lot of people. A lot of people signed up to work Sundays for this. It wont be the case anymore.

Granted, companies are not required to pay time and a half for weekend work. But when the top five CEO's take a 117% paid increase in one year, at the same time, they remove everything the employee's have, it makes one wonder why our country is in the shitter. Especially when companies no longer report to their customers or employees but only to Wall Street, no wonder things like #OWS (Occupy Wall Street) are happening.

Companies seem to want to get their employees disgruntled enough that enough of them leave, giving the company a reason to outsource the jobs.

If the companies reported to their customers, even the shareholders would be happy, as long as they're not greedy.



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