December 26, 2011

Santa Needs To Bring Sanity

The day after Christmas, to me is worse then Black Friday. Especially since I do tech support. Mainly because people don't read nor do they listen. 

All day it's  "I can't connect my Nook. I can't connect my Kindle." Did you read the instructions? Did you change your password to the wireless? 

Nine times out of ten, every other wireless device in the house is working fine, and yet it's still my fault their fucking toy won't connect. Well guess what, go buy some new batteries and KY and shove it. I'm over it. 

Apparently, it never occurred to anyone that these devices might not be working right for any other reason, then their internet is broke. 

Hell, a guy went as far to threaten to cancel services because of this. And yet he had 2 laptops and a smart phone all on his wireless working fine. So when he threatened to cancel, I asked him point blank, "If you owned a Ferrari and it broke down, would you take it to a KIA dealer and tell them to fix it or you would cancel your insurance and sell the car?" The asshole hung up on on me. Oh well, guess the KIA dealer just got a new Ferrari. 

Smarten up people, this shit isn't rocket science you know. 


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