December 20, 2011

Is It Technology That Mystifies?

For the longest time, I have been wondering what's so mystifying about technology to some people. I mean, the basics of running wires and a push power button seem to be over the heads of most people. 

Just yesterday, I had a guy argue with me about what a phone cord was. And why did he need it to get his DSL. Now i've been told countless times by customers that i have a knack for explaining things to them in terms they understand and thank me for it. But there's always one person in a few that I think forgot the brain handouts for the day. 

Another one that has me laughing and pissed because the customers have to argue, is that Company A is blocking emails from Company B.So they have Company B as their provider. Both companies have been working to fix the issue. However, these customers are really that stupid or just ignorant to the fact that it's not Company B's fault and that it was stated by Company A that it's their servers and scripts causing the issue. 

But these customers keep threatening to cancel services with Company B because of Company A's mistakes. Really? So i did what I should have not done yesterday. I challenged the customer. I asked him if he drove a Porsche and it broke would he take it to a Kia dealer and tell them to fix it? And if they refuse would you sell the Porsche and cancel your insurance? He hung up on me. 

I'm just trying to figure out where common sense went to these days. 


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