December 19, 2011

That Time of Year Again

It's been a few months since i've posted anything. A lot has happened both at home and work. More so at work and the corporate greed that runs this country. 

I watched OWS unfold, kept an eye on a lot of business and tech news. And wonder how soon the new tech bubble will fail because of the jackasses in office right now.  I don't know of maybe one or two CEO's that actually went to prison for scamming Americans for so much money. But yet, rob the clerk of a pack of gum and get a year or so. 

But it comes time to re-think of everything that has gone on this year. All the good, the bad and the in-differences. For the most part, they all seem to balance each other out. 

I have a few idea's for 2012, right before the end of the world! O.o
One is to put more time into my graphics business. Maybe even get some help. I would really like to get my start up off the ground. But i'm not sure i can still afford the basic costs yet. 

Need to figure out whats going to happen to the house. Since they raised the taxes upwards of $700, plus the insurance almost doubled, not sure we will be able to keep it. And it's been in the family, well the wife's family for about 40 years or more. I think we would be okay if we quit spending our money on other people because they are to damn lazy to work. I'm tired of excuses. The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero according to my Drill Sgt. And yet people don't realize this.

I need to start earning more on the side. Things are starting to fall apart, and i can't afford new shit. 

Started playing on Google Music and Google+ this year. Met some cool people, got a way to listen to my music anywhere i go without having to re-sync my iPod with different playlists anymore.

In general, a lot has happened. Some good, some bad. So i can only look forward to what the next year holds in store.



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