December 19, 2011

'Tis The Time of Year

Now today hasn't been special. Typical day at work. That is until the end of the night shows up. Customer on the phone thinks her back up software is backing up her cell calls and logging her cell phone. On top of that, she thinks that Dell is locking her system up, to force her to re-install their software. 

 Now the later i can see. It's Dell after all. O.o But it get's better. good thing these calls are recorded for security reasons. I need this one on tape for myself. As she swore up and down, that Dell has been coming into her PC since she got it. So I ask, what were they doing in her PC? Well, according to her, they gave themselves admin rights. Yeah I can see that. Next, they renamed her PC wot Work Station. Eh, not likely but possible. Now I've talked to weird people before. 

But as her story goes on, I've grabbed my drink and finish off a slice of pizza i had for lunch. She proceeds to tell me that they have also been logging in and using her PC for work presentations, downloading movies and music and sending corporate emails. I think she's been watching to much 24 and feels she's included in some corporate espionage.

 I couldn't help but sit here and agree and nod and laugh my ass off. It's the best call I've had in a long time. I just kept seeing blue lights going off. Kmart anyone?


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