December 31, 2011

The Year Is Coming To An End...

So this year has been a turbulent one. Just life in general. Shit between work and home. The loss of my grandmother and two co-workers all with in 30 days  of each other with in the last month.

More corporate greed and the further fall of the American Rights,  the rallies, protest around the world. We as a people have become tired of the shit and are just now stepping up to the plate. We will, eventually gain control back of what is ours. And make sure those that are in charge, listen to us.

We lost some icons this year. We saw changes throughout. Some minor and some radical.

The world is supposed to end in 2012. Not so much by WW3, but by nature and science. So be it. Bring it on. I have the beer and the chips set up and ready to go. Should I survive, then I will help rebuild.

I have met some amazing people on Google Plus as well. Some are amazing friends like, Margaret O Rourke, some great friends like Kat B, Mechelle Conrad (because she miss-spells her name lol), Jody Swaney  (because I love the scooter), Phil Greco (who is more a brother then a friend) and a lot, lot more. 

I've learned that I have got to have the most tolerance for bullshit and ignorance then anyone I know.  I have put up with more bullshit and lies then I ever have before. All to bite my tongue for the better. I have gone through some life changes this year. All for the better but yet, still trying to grasp and get a hold of. 

All in all, it's yet another year survived. Another year I can mark off on the books that at least I've learned something new.  I've shared what knowledge I had. I taught someone something they didn't know. And I have forgiven someone who others may not have.

Sometimes I feel that the song Let It Die by Ozzy is me. And it is. I am everything in that song. I am everything you are. I am you, You are me!. It's a perfect marriage. I can't fault who I am. I can only make me better. And in doing so, I can only make you better. Even it is is a small minute thing. I really have seen what I am made of this year from the inside. Though sometimes I try and hide my feelings and emotions, like hiding behind the curtain, I have stepped forward. And in doing so, I await what next year holds for me.

So as this year winds down,  I just want to wish everyone the best for 2012 in what ever it may bring. Keep your heads up, keep your smiles on and above all, DO NOT give up on you. Others may for what ever reason they have, but never give up on  you.

So this will be the last post for the 2011 year. So until me meet next time...

Stay safe, be merry and...




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