January 31, 2012

Achievement Unlocked

Everyone looks for milestones. Be it your anniversary, the length at a job, a new baby, we all hope to be there for at least a few of these.

So in a weeks time, I will hit one of these. Nothing major, but to a company, it's on the bottom of the milestone list. Five years at the same job. Five years...

To some that's not a lot. Especially those who have been at their job for 10, 15, 20 years or longer. But event hey hit their 5 year mark at one point.

What's messed up about this really, is the fact that when our company was bought out, they did away with a lot of the little things that made the employee feel good. Not just about the company, but about their jobs and themselves. Things like getting signed cards from Employee Relations Manager for your birthday. Signed cards from the CEO for Christmas. It was one of those rare times, that they took the time out of their busy days, to do the very smallest task. They weren't auto signatures, or some secretary. But they did take the time to do such a thing. Makes you feel good in a small way.

So where's this going...? Well, my letter arrived today. Sitting on my desk when I got to work. Thanking me for 5 years of service. That i'm a valued member of the team, (can they get any more generic?). The guy who signed this letter doesn't even know what I do or what I have done for this company in the last 5 years. I doubt he realizes I am also the recipient of an award for outstanding performance, above and beyond my daily duties. Also by the way, the new company took those away as well.

The fact that I helped start a department that was a new avenue to this company, to co-write a lot of the training material to be used company wide for said department and to create both the logo that has been trademarked and the customer facing software, only to be outsourced for that department with out so much as a thank you? Think the 5 year accomplishment doesn't mean a whole lot any more.

As I watch this company do what our government is doing to it's people, they go hand in hand. Almost like they are married.  Yes i'm thankful I have a job. But trust me, I've been looking. I've always been about communication in both directions and respect. And this company doesn't seem to care about either of those.

So enough of my rant. Until I can find another job, I'll just take this one, one day at a time.


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