January 24, 2012

Ghost Ridden Bike

So for the longest time now, eh, about 4 years. I've been wanting to rebuild a bike from back in my day that was to me, the second holy grail of 80's freestyle BMX history. It was the Day Glo Pink bike ridden at the time by Krys Dauchey.

The only female rider at the time to compete at pro level in the same competitions as the men. And of course, every teen boys wet dreams at the time. Though I did rebuild the same bike I had as a kid, 86' GT Pro Performer, there's always been 2 bikes I wanted to have.

But alas, things change. I won't sell my Pro Performer. But this Krys rebuilt bike has to go. I've sunk over $500 into it and it still going to take another grand or so to get all the parts and to get it powder coated. One expensive carpet queen there.

I was excited to find such an amazing group of people my age that still ride these bikes. Woman, men and their kids. Fun. Laughter. IT's what BMX was always about. But over the last few years, with health concerns, work and family, I've fallen out of it. I want to keep cruising around on my bike. But I miss those guys a lot. I just never thought I brought as much to the table as a lot of those guys did. So I guess i'm also to blame for the fall out.

However, the sport itself will always have a special place in my heart. Even though back in the day, we weren't doing double front flips or flairs. And street was all about technique and not a hi wire balance act of straight spin moves.



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