January 5, 2012

It's A Bit Nippley Outside

So my company spent all this money to get a new heat/ac unit installed on top of our 7 story building. Now normally, we have a bout a week of cold weather in FL. It just so happens, it's this week. 

Now, for a new unit to be installed, one has to wondering if the fucking thing works. As half of the building is sweating their asses off. The other well, were freezing our asses off. To the point those that work int he same room as i do, were all wearing long johns and winter jackets all day. Some are even wearing beanie hats. 

I left a bottle of soda on my desk yesterday. It was still cold all day today. That tell you something? When it gets to about 50-55 degrees, my hands start to numb up. This is due to when I fell in ice fishing as a teenager.  And for the last 2 days, my hands have been numb. I've been running to the bathroom. Because as another cost saving idea, they  put 747 jet dryers in the bathrooms and removed all the paper towels. So I run my hands under that for about a minute, get some feeling back and im good for another few hours. 

Today, I had on a fleece pull over which normally keeps me warm by itself down to about 60. On top of that was my heavy ass suede jacket. And in the end, I was wearing my damn gloves. All while trying to type. 

I told my boss something needs to be done. And if it's like this on Friday, I'm not coming in. I can't sit there for 9 hour on the phone and freeze my ass off.



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