February 17, 2012

Compliance? Comply This!

Okay, im young. Only 38. But for as long as I can possibly remember, the little jack on the wall in your home that you use for phone service has always been called "phone jack." The cable used to connect to that same jack has always been called a "phone cable."

If you go to Radio Shack, Walmart, K-Mart or any other place that you can buy these, the packages themselves read phone jack and phone cable or phone cord.

Why's this a big deal right now? Let' me explain a little...

DSL is a technology service that delivers inter net access across "phone" lines. Copper wire for the most part. But there is also fiber. Which at one point still comes across the copper "phone" wire. Now I work for a Telecom as tech support for internet. Which one? Won't tell ya.

Anyway, the majority of people I have the pleasure of speaking to on a daily basis are so confused at the most simplest of things, it astounds me that this country has survived as long as it has. Now, according to a new memo from up top, we are no longer allowed to call the "phone jack" that was installed a phone jack. Nor are we allowed to call the "phone cable" that comes with our dsl modem and can be purchased at any damn store just about in this rock we call home, a phone cable.

They have to be called a DSL Cable and DSL Jack. Okay. Point taken. Please do a Google search for DSL cable. You don't get the standard phone cable that is required for the modem to connect to the "phone jack." What you do get is a Cat5/6 cable. There's a big difference.  Now, if your "phone cable" is broken, not working, etc and it needs to be replaced, I am now supposed to tell you to go purchase a new DSL cable. I'm ready to make a wager what you come back with. And i'm ready to make a bigger wager that what you come back with won't work.

This is because of something called CPNI. Which our corporate terms are CPNI is used to offer products to a customer. Problem, I'm not offering you a product. I'm trying to fix your internet connection.

I can see my conversations here on out...

Ma'am, I need you to take that cable that plugs into the back of your DSL modem and plug it into the plate on your wall that allows you to talk into a talk box and have conversations.

There is a big difference between a phone cable and a Ethernet (cat 5/DSL)  cable. When a customer that calls in, and doesn't know the difference between a phone cord and a power cord, this is going to cause a lot more issues.

Fucking corporations. I hate them worth a passion.


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