February 14, 2012

Ding Dong...

So, for any of you who have been following these rant's I call life, which isn't a hell of a lot of you, know that for over a year now, my wife's nieces daughter has been living with us with her two children since her mom passed. It's been a little over a year of hell. I'm not going to re-hash a lot of it, go read some and you'll find out.

However, the good news is she is gone!! She moved out this past weekend. I almost did a cartwheel. But decided against it as I'm a little out of shape and didn't want to twist an ankle or something.

After she moved out, I went around looking at damages. There's quite a bit. Like a broken bed of mine that she was using. It's wasn't a cheap bed either. A load of garbage under the bed. Some mildew on the rug. Tack holes through out the bedroom. Five years living here and things were always clean. Now the bathroom she used all the time is full of black mold around the tub and shower light fixture. Her oldest had a habit of tearing at the wallpaper in the bathroom so that will have to be all re-done.  I've already replaced the closet door in her bedroom as the other one would no longer close.

I came home form work last night to find out she had stopped by. For what ever reason, I don't know, didn't ask. But i did find out that she may not be staying in the place that she just rented. WHY? First off, she was waiting to get her taxes back before she moved out. She worked maybe 3-4 months all of last year. Think she should have applied to Facebook for a job as that's where she spent all of her time.

Anyway, She owed us a little over $1,000. She bitched and griped she had to give that to us, but she did. This left her with over $1,000 of her own. After paying the first months rent, no security required, she is flat broke. She's one of those people that all she does is shop. Regardless if she has bills due, money in her pocket. She just shops. Only if we are able to recovery everything that's come up missing since she moved in. Then things would get a little better.

So back to her new place. Apparently she never checked this place out. According to her, the toilet don't flush, the stove don't work and there is a hole in the floor in the hallway. Hello McFly... some common sense here? Apparently she told the landlord he had a week to fix it or she was leaving and demanding her money back.

All I know is, she IS NOT coming back here. I'm not a violent man nor do I hit woman. But I'll bounce her ass down the road. No questions asked.

So with all the work to do in and around the house now, guess I'll be using a few vacation days for some extra work time around here. Included will be some of the extra stuff not related to her cyclone.

Three days of quiet when I've gotten up and went to bed. No screaming kid, no hellacious venom mouth. No attitude, just peace and quiet. Now to get back to a normal life, if that exists.


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