February 10, 2012

Don't Preach

According to this customer im speaking with, she had asked me what religion i am. I hate these convo's. I told her i am undecided. She asked me what i was raised as, i said Methodist, which is true. She then proceeded to tell me that i have issues with work. That i need to re-read the bible. 

Problem is, I've read the bible. New and Old Testament. I Don't care. It's a great story.

Every time i try to interrupt her, she just keeps going on and louder. i can't hang up, it's against work policies and can get written up for it.

I dont mind the occasional discussions on religionS. However, i hate being preached to. Nothing worse to me, then forcing religious beliefs on me.

Made the mistake once and told a guy who kept preaching to me, when he asked me what i was, i said satanist. Yeah....not only did i get written up, but that provoked him i swear he caught fire in his house.

Lie to me, beat me, steal from me. Don't preach to me. 


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