February 20, 2012

Popularity Contest

Guess to have friends, one is blessed. To have acquaintanceship one is privileged. Being on a popularity contest site like Google+, It's like being back in Jr High. When trying to make friends, one has a tendency to go over board.

Even when being yourself, sometimes it's not enough for others. SO you tend to ignore those people.

It's hard to find others with the same common goals and interests are you. But when you do, you want to share idea's and thoughts. You want to have intelligent conversations between the little quips. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it don't.

You want to make friends other then your co-workers. Whom for the most part are just that, co-workers. You might go out for a drink or two from time to time. But that's about where it stops.

When you do find someone you connect with, even in a small way, you try to hang onto that. Sometimes going over board. Sometimes not doing enough.

In the end, i guess everyone is looking for that one person they can call a true friend. Be it on line or the person next door.



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