February 19, 2012

Re-occurring Pain

Everyone gets headaches from time to time. All by various reasons. I've had my fair share. As I get older, they seem to be more dominant over me. Like a hot brunette in leather with whips and chains.

Back when i was just hitting my teen years, I had my neck broken in a wrestling tournament. It took awhile for recovery, but I got through it. And from that point on, I had an on going headache for about 3 years. Always in the base of my neck. Went through all the scans and treatments, but they could only determine that the disk in my neck kept sliding and punching a nerve. It got to the point that if it got too bad, it would paralyze me until the pain resided. Thank god in the 3 year time period that happened only about 4 times.  But again a few more time later in life. One day I woke up and I was headache free. Man did i celebrate. I actually went on a few more years with no headache.

As time has gone on, the tension headaches have grown in pain. And the sinus headaches? Well let's say Lizzy Borden has nothing on me.

This past week, I've been fighting with an infected tooth. Need less to say, I have come grown accustomed to a high pain tolerance. Usually a tooth will be uncomfortable until the pain level reaches an 8 on a 1-10 scale. Needless to say, I do have an appointment on Tuesday to have it pulled. However, this weekend was something else. I've been fighting not only a tension headache but a sinus headache at the same time. The pain for awhile hit the 10 mark. I was icing my head down with a cold pack because the medication just refused to work.

This weekend the pain just wore me out. And I mean wore me out. I haven;'t felt this bad since, well I can't remember when. I've slept a good portion of the weekend. And my body feels it, as it's hurts to move. As I type this, I'm still tired. I had about 7 hours sleep. Normally I can go on 4 with a 10 min power nap sometime through the day. But I'm mentally and physically gone.

I've gone through more test over the years to find out why I have re-occurring headaches. Only thing they've found was other then wasps, I'm allergic to dust.

I have become more concerned though in the last few years. Mainly because after a good fight with the headache, depending on pain level and length of time it hangs around, I change a bit. Kind of hard to explain.  y short term memory, almost like I have Alzheimers to a point. I've also noted that if I get upset or pissed, if I try to speak, my mouth quivers and i can't say anything. When the pain is there for more then a few hours and begins to wear me out, I go to this dark place. I don't want to speak to no one, don't want to hear no one. I just get beyond moody. More so then a ranting woman on her period. I just want to be left alone in solitude until it passes. But that never happens.

now I've gone back to the Dr's for this, ran more tests. can't find anything. Some are wondering if I imagine this. Kind of hard to imagine this when there is a phone recording of the quivering mouth and my stuttering from work. 

One thing that concerns me about the headaches is the end result. Not the result of taking meds for them. But the fact that when a person has a headache, the blood vessels in the brain swell up. A lot different then a sinus infection, but the cavity swells on those, so it's close. And if a person goes through too much of this, what kid of recourse does it have on the brain? If the blood vessels or the brain itself swells too much almost on a regular basis, how does it effect the person? I mean all CAT scans have been negative, but it has to be doing something internally. Something that can't be picked up by the scans. Or it's possible that it's altering the brain function?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a vegetable, and I don't act like im autistic. Those people actually act better then I do on most days! But can re-occurring headaches and the constant swelling of the brain actually damage a person?


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