February 28, 2012

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Ever have that one thing, that object of pure beauty that you know you needed yet couldn't have? Like a kid in a toy store. Though going down every isle, but always coming back to the same thing. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the other toys. But there was something about that one thing, that the kid saw so much beauty into, he had to have it. Yet he wasn't allowed to. So he would sit there day after day and dream about it. Think about it and fantasize about it.

Like the outdoors man, who's life long dream is the the hunt that brings every other hunter to their knees when they finally get the kill of the decade. The specimen that is so much of a beauty, that all drool over the idea of having the stories to tell.

I feel there's that object of beauty for each of us. Be it an object, a person or a place. Everyone dreams of things they can't have. I mean, even I want a 1968 Ferrari GT 250 California. But they will never happen. That's just one of those want's. But I think I have seen, or least in my minds eye, found that thing of beauty.

Something about it struck a chord so deep inside it's undeniable. Something about it that has me sitting and thinking, dreaming even fantasizing about it. At times I feel like Ralphie from The Christmas Story. So wanting the BB gun, yet every conscious voice is telling me I will shoot my eye out. Meaning so many different things in this case. Yet the comparisons can be seen.

So I guess I've been sitting here, wondering if I will ever get my Red Ryder, or if it's more or less a mirage playing tricks on me. Guess in the end I can say, if it was meant to be, it will happen. But then I have to ask, why so much internal agony and struggle until that answer comes forth?


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