March 24, 2012

Not Anytime Soon

Since I was little, I was always doodling. Even on homework, it would get turned in with doodles all over it. As time went on and I hit Jr High, I started taking a few art classes. Just like every other student in school, while in art, you learn about the masters and what they brought to the table. You learn parts of their styles and methods. All of this bored me. Yes they were some great artists, but I didn't care. I just wanted to doodle and paint.

Over the course of the 4 years in high school, i took about 2 art classes a semester until my senior year. I was then majoring in art and science and had 3 art classes for the first semester and 4 the last semester. But was I any good? Well that depends on who you talk to.

Two of the many art teachers I had pushed me and pushed me until I almost quit. My work was never good enough. But I had learned a long time ago, regardless of how many hours and how many sketch pads I went through, I couldn't draw a straight line to blend painted colors to save anyone's life. And it was getting frustrating very fast.

I would go to the art rooms during study halls and stay after school sometimes just to practice. And no matter how much i practiced, these things would not come forth. So i started to give up on drawing and painting. Besides, there's more to art then those two things right?

I took up sculpting, jewelry making, things that I could create from nothing in my hands by molding, shaping, twisting, distorting and beating into shapes that made sense to me. I even picked up something called scratch board and played with that for awhile.

It didn't take long and I had started to create things people actually liked, including myself. Even at some point in time, during my last two years of high school, I had won some art awards at shows both locally and state wide with some of my new creations. A lot more then I had ever been able to accomplish with my drawing and painting.  So where's all this going?

Well, I do a lot of 2D/3D art on the PC. Mainly using Poser, Photoshop and a few other programs. I will always love art no matter what. But I've come to a point where what I create no longer makes me happy.  I'm limited by money, in which my hardware is limited. So to get the most of a lot of my software, I would have to do major hardware upgrades or buy a whole new PC. Not happening anytime soon.

Plus the fact, I've learned a lot of the last 10 years of doing what I do, I want to try to move on and make it better. Learn new things. So I finally have been able to purchase a Wacom tablet. Something I've wanted for YEARS!

I still can't draw a straight line and using programs like Photoshop, I have been able to get better at blending paints! However, It's time I move to the next level in what ever creations I create. So I've been playing for a few weeks with the tablet. Setting it up, doing this and doing that. I want to be able to take sketches, clean them up and paint them. I want to be able to create things and add things to work I've got floating in my head.

Granted, I got ripped off on what i ordered, (long story). But the tablet fits my desk and I'm getting used to it. So i guess it's back to the proverbial drawing board and I start over. Learning to draw and paint better. I guess I now have more control over what I do, once learn the tablet. Portraits, 'scapes, etc. All of it with no limit.

Guess time will tell if I can actually accomplish what I want or if I will remain some backroom mediocre artist.

March 13, 2012

Ripped Off, Yet Again

So for years, I've been wanting an Intuos tablet for my art. So, the time has come, where I've had a little extra money from taxes I bought one. Now, Wacom came out with the new version5. Just a tad more expensive then version 4. So I hit up amazon and found one of the medium tablets used for $240. Not bad seeing how they normally go for $340. So i checked out the seller. 98% positive feedback. So i order it.

It came in the mail yesterday. Wasn't able to open it until last night after work. Problem is, it's not what I had ordered. It's a small tablet. Fit's my desk nicely and all. But I wanted the medium for the larger drawing surface. Even though it's used I don't get the software bundle, which is fine. But then again, I can't even register it, as it's already been registered. Again, i'm fine with that. I'm just a little pissed I paid for one thing and got another.

Emailed the seller, advised him of the situation. And advised if he doesn't have a medium to swap out with, I would like a partial refund. Or I would be sending it back to him and he will be paying the shipping. As i'm not loosing out on this purchase. i'll give him a few days to reply before contact Amazon.


I Can't Move

Okay, so i decided it was time to start getting back into shape. Nine years of office jobs and no real physical activity has made me soft. So, over the course of the last few weeks, I sat down and decided what I really need. What I came up with is, the fact I felt the best while I was in the Army and for awhile after while I kept working out.

So I looked up the Army's physical guides and based on my age, today i feel like im 102!, i decided to go for it. So yesterday I signed up at a local gym. A co-worker attends the gym as well. So we did really a 45 minutes work out. Nothing to strenuous. As I haven't been that active in ages.

Started out with 10 minutes walking on the treadmill. Moved over for some push ups and sits up. Followed by bench presses. Kept myself at 60lbs to start. Weak, I know. But I need to be able to move when im done! Finished it up with 15 minutes on the treadmill for a walk.jog intervals.  Felt great at the end of the day Slept good last night.

Shoulders and neck today.... yeah, they don't want to rotate! Oh Well, price I will pay to get back into shape. Were going to go twice a week for now. Then I will start going every other day to keep it up.

Back in the days of basic training, I had 12 weeks to get into that shape. I'm giving myself, 6 months to do it this time around. Slim down, tone up, add some mass and be able to run 2 mils in 14 flat. But also be able to do a 5k run. Let's see how this goes.

March 8, 2012

Inner Sanctum of Dreamhood

So I finally did it. For as long as I can remember, I had wanted to publish a book. More or less a coffee table book of all the stories I had written as well as poems. The highlights would have been those that were published in the horror and sci-fi magazines. Problem is, back then, you needed an agent. And an agent wasn't really going to look at my stuff and say, we have a gold mine here.

Flash forward 20 years and here I am. Using the tools in front of me, including inspiration from friends and people in my social networks, I self published my first book. It's not the coffee table ice breaker book. But it is mine. Just a small collection of poems from over the years. Including a few that were previously published.

But it was the ice breaker. There's notes and plots already written down for a follow up. Just need time to get it done.

SO where can you get this book you ask? Well..... You can click this link and see...
It will be available in the Nook and Kindle stores shortly.

March 3, 2012

Pain In The Ass, Litteraly...

So, I've had some very minor problems with hemorrhoids for years. Since I was a kid, always had some small issue with bowel movements. Yeah, this isn't something you want to hear. Oh well, close the page!

About 9 years ago, I had an issue where i woke up one morning and ended up in the Dr's office that afternoon because the pain had been bad and something was growing out my ass. That was a first. I thought somehow the night before after watching the first Alien's movie, they somehow managed to transpose themselves to my ass through the TV. I didn't know what was going on.

I ended up walking to the Dr's office. Only a few blocks from my house. As my car was in the garage getting needed repairs and no one in my family would run me up. I looked like the penguin from Batman waddling up the street. Still pissed to this day because I can remember how damn painful that was. Anyway, once at the Dr's and laying half naked on his table, he began poking and prodding my ass. Told him, once more and he's going to be wearing my shoe in his ass! He told me what it was and how to help it. Got a little annoyed that I asked him what it really was. I mean, I heard about hemorrhoids all my life. Only had some slight issues like minor swelling on those days that one could not get anything to happen.

But at this time, the internet was just becoming an everyday home thing, so I wasn't sure what caused them. other then straining and pregnancy. and I sure and the hell was pregnant. He just said it was a blood clot. Yeah, my ass is dying because of a blood clot! He told me to use Preparation H and sit in a luke warm tub for about 20 mins a few times a day and they would be gone in a few days.

Well, two days ago, I woke up like normal feeling fine. About half way through the day, my ass started to itch. Started to wonder if I had pissed off the wife and she put itching powder in my underwear. During lunch break I went to use the restroom and gave myself a discreet examination. Sure enough, I had a small egg growing out my butt. It was getting to the point it was starting to get aggravating. And the chairs at work were going to do nothing to help. So i made it through the rest of the evening and came home.

Soaked in the tub and used some cream. Woke up yesterday morning and the little egg had gotten bigger. Painfully bigger. I ended up taking the day off of work, because I couldn't sit and I couldn't stand. Only thing I could do was lay on my stomach. And that's not good for me, as my back will start to hurt. Well ain't I just fucked over here. So through out the day, I took a bath and used the cream. At one point, I thought it was slowly going away. But as of last night and actually using the bathroom, KAPOW, holy mother of pearl batman! I think the gates of hell opened up with the words that came out of my mouth. 

So my wife was riding my ass all night last night, you need to go to the walk in clinic. I kept asking for what? They will tell me the same thing my old Dr told me years ago, use the cream and warm bath for a few days to see if it goes away. Take some over the counter pain relievers to help with the pain and we'll go from there. 

So were just a hair over 48 hours of actually issues. And from the feel of it, it hasn't gotten any smaller. Doesn't help that when walking or sitting it's putting pressure on it. And I can't lay down all day. So I may end up calling the Dr on Monday to get an appointment. What's the worse thing that can happen? He tells me he has to lance my ass? Bastard better dress up like a white knight then!

I am supposed to go to a wedding reception this evening. About an hour's drive away. Yeah, if I'm forced to go, heaven and hell will be quaking with the words that are silently coming out of my mouth. Right now, I'm sitting on one of the pillows from the couch. It's so soft, you could drop a carton of egg's on it and they wouldn't shed a tear. Me on the other hand, I think I shed a few last night!

I've been saying I would get back to the gym for a month now. As for the last nine years, i've held an office job where i sit all day. Not good. I don't exercise like I used to. As it's hotter then hell in the summers and even the two hours it takes me to do the lawn, takes its toll on me. Mainly because it's about 100 degrees with 100% humidity in the summer here.  So during the summers I don't do much but swim and lawn work. Winter is a bit different. 

Anyway, I need more exercise. I'm not that out of shape or over weight. Last time i checked, I was 9 1/2 pounds over. Still trying to figure out how being 6'3" and 224lbs is over weight. But what ever. So after this little ordeal, I will be hitting the gym. 

But until then, I think the Easter Bunny came a little too soon. And he needs to take back what he left!



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