March 13, 2012

Ripped Off, Yet Again

So for years, I've been wanting an Intuos tablet for my art. So, the time has come, where I've had a little extra money from taxes I bought one. Now, Wacom came out with the new version5. Just a tad more expensive then version 4. So I hit up amazon and found one of the medium tablets used for $240. Not bad seeing how they normally go for $340. So i checked out the seller. 98% positive feedback. So i order it.

It came in the mail yesterday. Wasn't able to open it until last night after work. Problem is, it's not what I had ordered. It's a small tablet. Fit's my desk nicely and all. But I wanted the medium for the larger drawing surface. Even though it's used I don't get the software bundle, which is fine. But then again, I can't even register it, as it's already been registered. Again, i'm fine with that. I'm just a little pissed I paid for one thing and got another.

Emailed the seller, advised him of the situation. And advised if he doesn't have a medium to swap out with, I would like a partial refund. Or I would be sending it back to him and he will be paying the shipping. As i'm not loosing out on this purchase. i'll give him a few days to reply before contact Amazon.



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