May 30, 2012

Back To The Three C's

WARNING: This is a rant and I will be speaking what's on my mind. So if you're easily offended, leave now.

We as a general society have become lazy and inept to do basic functions. It seems, the moral's and hard work of our grandparents has all gone to waste. What was one hard work and dedication to make a living and make better lives for ourselves has become nothing more then a flash in the pan, wanting everything or free and without working for it. At the cost of abusing others in the process.

Of what do I speak of? Well, the next time you our and about, do some people watching. Listen, pay attention and you'll know exactly what I mean. You, yourself maybe even guilty as charged. And yet, you may not know it, or you know it and don't care.

I've been a big leader on the Three C's, (Common Sense, Common Courtesy and Common Decency) for a long time. It's something I've spoken of and written about in the past. The more I look at the wide eyed world of today's society, those things don't seem to exist anymore. And trying to keep them a reality, seems like fighting a loosing battle. And it's us we have to blame. not just us as an individual, but us as a society, corporations, elected officials. The list  goes on and on.

Perfect example: At work, my department has started taking calls to support the IPTV services we offer. Which is normally handled by an outsource center. There is failure all the way around on this. Both on our side as well as the customer side.

Our side for example, they trained my dept using outdated material. In hopes that we wouldn't catch on. However, we did, brought it up and are fighting to get it all fixed. We were told, they want "Super Techs." The ability to work all the services we offer from one tech. Yet, the pay, the training and documentation is lacking in more ways then one. When you have very well qualified technical people, who have been with the company for 5+ years wanting to now walk out, somethings wrong.

It's not a bad thing to do some extra work from time to time. But if I have to do the work of five different departments, and in the course of five years, have earned a total of $2.33 in raises, while the board and CEO make millions? When I am told one thing, and the total opposite happens leaving me in a bind, unable or unclear how to proceed on doing the job effectively and efficiently? Not only do I loose out, but my customer looses out as well. And it makes not only me look bad (which I hate), but it makes the company look bad.

When you know the product you're selling doesn't work as advertised, and your employees are not trained to full capacity, forcing your customers to be bounced around, you take the chance on loosing your customers. Thus costing you more money in the end then it did in the beginning. And due to this, you start making more cuts and in the end, while you as a board member or CEO still rake in the millions, you take it away from your employees.

If corporations played into the Three C's, a lot would change. And it would change for the better. Take Facebook as an example. Their whole IPO, it's inflation, it's loss, all based on greed. No Common Sense there. If there was, they wouldn't be loosing money on the IPO, they would be making money. They wouldn't have as many lawsuits on them now as they do.

Now, let's get to the real matter of this rant. Us as a consumer, user and all around general public. Open your damn eyes and pay attention! Life is hard, but it's not rocket science.

Perfect example, and again, this goes back to what I am doing at work. It's Common Sense, that when using a TV remote, you push the Up/Down channel buttons to change the channel. You push the guide button to bring up the cable guide to see what's on and the power button is used to turn the device off.

If you have had the service for any length of time, be it our service, Time Warner cable, Comcast or any other cab;e service, it's all the same. Yes, the listing line up will change. But the remote does the same damn thing. It might be yellow or black. it might be grey and green. But the buttons do the EXACT SAME SHIT.

So if you call and ask me how to get the guide up, and i can see you've had our service for more then six months, I'm bound to get a little crabby with you. If you call and ask how to change the channel and you've had the service for more then six months, I'm bound to want to bitch slap you.

See people, just because technology has changed, doesn't mean the process has. You still turn the devices on the same way. You still put the key in the car ignition and turn it like you did 30 years ago. You still check the oil the same way you did 30 years ago. The only difference is, the technology change to make the car safer then it was 30 years ago.

When you switch services, DO NOT expect the service with another company to be identical with the one you just left. It never happens. Never has happened. That's why you switched insurance companies. The new one offered better deals, but didn't have a few things your other one did.

So because you don't have a Western TV channel, that's no reason to up in arms. Because there is no Soapnet, it's no reason to cancel. If your entire life revolves around watching soaps all day, go read a fucking book. You might get something out of it.

Also, if you break something, don't expect your provider, insurance company or whomever to fix it. Your insurance company isn't going to fix your cd player in the car because you got pissed and snapped a cd off in it or your kid decided it was a good place to put his NERDS. Just like your cable provider isn't going to fix your TV because while you decided to move it, you broke the coax connector on the back, so now you no longer can get service to that TV. That is not our fault, so there is no reason to bitch and complain because the "our service" isn't working.

Take some damn time to learn how to use the gadgets, products and features of what ever it is you have. If more people took the time to learn and understand, instead of looking for the easy way out of things, we as a society would grow much stronger. This includes both sexes, all races and all generations.

Because the next time I go to the store and your bitching because Customer Service won't take back the gas powered weed eater you bought, stating it never work from the beginning, and you hand the lady a bag full of nuts, bolts and springs, telling her you thought you could make it work so you took it apart? And now you want a full refund, I'm just going to end up in jail because I will knock your ass out.

And the next time your kid starts using curse words at employees because they are out of the Happy Meal toy they wanted and they are only 7-8 years of age, and you stand there and do nothing but encourage the kid, I will knock you out and spank your damn kid.

It's time to wake up and start acting like people who want to move forward.



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