May 9, 2012

Time For the Midlife Crisis?

It's been awhile since I put anything up. A lot has been going on. At times it almost seems like I'm a little crazy in the head. Though the niece has moved out of the house, the stress levels at work have picked up and taken her place.

I get to go see a Gastroenterologist today. Not sure what to expect, since I've heard all the horror stories. Maybe I could do a Google Hangout from the room? Might ease my tension a  bit.

With so much going on at work, no one really seems to know if they are coming or going. Which makes it hard. Because with the new training coming up, they are asking us to "dumb down." Which is as bad as asking us to lie to the customer when we know full well what's going on. But that's a longer story in and of itself.

Think it's time I go see a shrink. The way I've been feeling for the better part of a year, year and a half, It almost feels like some form of depression. Not wanting to do  anything, talk to anyone, no socializing. Just sit here and read, and veg. Not good. Not to mention other things going on in my head and life.

My insomnia is back at full force. So I'm not getting to sleep early enough at nights to make it up early enough to make it to the gym. I was feeling physically better when I was going. But since I am sleeping through my alarm, when I do get up, I may have about 30 minutes at best to get ready and leave for work.

Maybe it's just my midlife crisis?


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