June 8, 2012

Blissful Ignorance

In the time that I was able to travel this land we call home, I've been able to see a lot, meet a lot of different people. I've met people who are hard working and I've met people who want everything for nothing. And it's the later that really gets under my skin.

Doing what I do day in and day out can be and for the most part is very stressful. For the better part, I can deal with just about anything you can dish out. But it's finally come to the point that my stress can't handle it anymore. It's mainly the ignorance that comes with.

I take, that life no longer requires people to think. Or process information before opening your mouth. Today a lone, I've been accosted enough, that if these people were in front of me, they would have been buried where they stand. I'm not one for violence, since I was bullied most of my life. But it's gotten to the point, that it seems people don't understand anything but violence. Because they sure as hell don't understand common sense.

Perfect example, when you switch from one cable tv provider to another and your new provider doesn't carry the exact same channel line up as the previous one did. And demanding the new one carries the same line up as the old one is not the way to have a conversation. And to threaten a rep, you crossed a line.

That's like telling your mechanic that he has to use the exact same tools as the old mechanic, or that the Ford factory has to use the exact same paint as the Chrysler factory, because that's what you want.

Things don't work that way. There's different services for a reason. Before you switch, do your homework. Don't threaten others because of your inability to understand.

I really just wish people would quit being so fucking ignorant. That would be a great start.


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