October 31, 2012

A Must For This Day


October 29, 2012

What's In A Dream?

Back when I was around 25, my younger brother bought his first car. He was 16 at the time. Still didn't have his license, but it was a good project for him. What was it? It was an all original 1973 Nova SS with about 14,000 miles on it.

He had done some summer work for one of our uncles on the farm. Plus helped him rebuild an engine for a truck. So in return, he paid $600 for the car and had it towed home. After a few days, we got it running. And though it was a rust bucket, it purred like a kitten. All matching numbers as well.

We had taken it out on the road at our moms. Just to see what it could do. Four speed manual shift and we both left patch marks through all four gears. Such a BEAST!

It was going to require a lot of work. Mostly a frame off restoration. But it would have been an amazing project car for the both of us, as I had offered him my help. He was the mechanic  but I was good as well. And he kept coming to me for design idea's for color, trim, etc.

But alas, he ended up selling it. He was a dick. Still is sometimes. Told him i would pay the $600, but he said no he wanted eight. In the end, he sold it to some guy neither of us knew for $600. I was pissed. Mainly because, since i was a kid, I was around muscle cars and motorcycles. Everyone had the Impala's and Chevelles, the GTO's and a few GTX's. But no one had a Nova. Unless it was a Nova 2 like my dad's. And The one I did see, I fell in love with and wanted one.

So as I get older, I keep thinking about the car. About how much of a project it would be to restore one to almost factory leaving a little bit to customize. The love and labor it would take to get it and put it together. Then I see dollar signs and my dream starts to fade away into nothingness.

I've seen them for sale from about $7500 to $30,000. From shell's to full running drags. But only a handful of SS's. And most of those are SS clones.

The one I want needs to be matching numbers. A motor that can be stripped down and rebuilt. With the possibilities of a slight overbore. Looking through the factory spec sheet, this is what I want.

Engine manufacturer:
GM Chevrolet L48 (Small-Block V-8 350)
Engine type:
spark-ignition 4-stroke
Fuel type:
petrol (gasoline)
Fuel system:
Charge system:
naturally aspirated
Valves per cylinder:
Additional features:
Cylinders alignment:
V 8
5733 cm3 / 349.8 cui
Power net:
130.5 kW / 177 PS / 175 hp (SAE net)
/ 4000
343 Nm / 260 ft-lb
/ 2800
Top speed:
184 km/h / 114 mph

0-60 mph (s): 9
0-100 mph (s): 
0- 1/4mile (s):17

These are factory stock specs for this model. Only difference is mine would be a jet pearl black with white vinyl interior. First generation Cragar SS rims and working AC. Only a few slight minor "current day" modification would be, new style radio for iPod, phone connections, new speakers with amp.

No cup holders, no ashtrays. Just pure muscle under me and an open road in front of me. The first road trip would be down to the Keys across the bridge at sunset.


October 25, 2012

Sign of Weakness or Just Being Human

Just got back from the doctors. And after a lengthy talk, I learned more about what stress can do to a person. I knew about the breakdowns, etc as i've had one. Knew that too much can lead to things like stroke or heart attack. It's the other things i didn't know. Things that have me in my current predicament  Especially with work.

Is it sad, that even more own doctor advised me to find another company to work for?

The question really is, for a man, is it a sign of weakness that they break down and cry? Not due to loss of friend or family member. But due to the fact they're under so much stress, they just can't take it anymore? A lot of people think men are strong. They fear nothing. Or so goes the myths.

So, as I talked with the doctor, I told him about my breakdown. How I took a seat in the shower and sat there and cried for about an hour. Everything from the loss of family and friends, to the hurting inside. It just flooded me all at once.

He prescribed some meds for my stress. I need to get it under control. Meditation hasn't helped, exercise hasn't helped. Not only is it effecting my head, but my internal body as well. According to him and the results of the tests, the stress is messing up my internal organs. Who knew?

I'm still fighting work about the FMLA papers. I've never had to apply for such a thing before. I hate using things like workers comp, though i have used it once. But since this issue is ready to cost me my job, and the claim keeps being denied....

Am i being human to the point I'm scared as to what will happen if i don't get control? Or am I being weak and need to man up? After all, our forefathers weren't coddled like this. Or were they?

October 20, 2012

Remember When

I've been searching for a new job for sometime now. While I still have one, it's not in my best interest to stay here anymore. I remember being young and looking for a job. Walk into a store, ask for an application, fill it out and hope for an interview.

Now a days, you have to use on-line forums, on-line sites like Startwire, Career Builder, etc. You have to talk to recruiters and go through phone screener's before you get an actual interview. Then if you get an interview, you might have to go through 2-3 more before you get a job.

Employers have made it the most difficult for people to get jobs. I understand they want the best. Sometimes the best doesn't come with a price tag of a college education. Because even those people don't have real world experience and a lot of them don't have common sense.

So with 15 years customer service and 13 years of real world education in technology, one would think it might be a bit easier to find something. I've phoned and emailed all the time from recruiters with "possible openings." But they always call when I'm physically unable to grab the phone. When  you call them back, you get their voice mail. And then you never hear back from them again.

I would so like to have another full time job before my current one ends.


October 11, 2012

Sunspots of the Mind

This year has been kind of off for me and this blog. Unlike the past where i tried to post a lot, this year, things haven't been kosher. Stress has ruled my life for the better part of the past year and a half. Got sick from it. Sick to the point of having a small break down.

The job is top priority on the stress list, followed close by family. They have always said, keep fighting and you will get where you want to be. Honestly, I find that a load of crock. As our grandparents fought, only to pass that battle on to our parents, whom in turn passed it to us. Then we will pass that onto our kids.

One can only take so much before they break. Some get lucky and get the break they wanted while others still get up in the morning and lace up for the fight. Yet, regardless of how many times we get knocked down, we get back up for more. It's a rinse and repeat process.

Some say my attitude is negative. But negativity is everywhere today. You try to remove yourself from it, only for it to popup else where. We try, some have better success then others, to smile through the day and keep a happy attitude. Others, it's not so easy to do.

But, be that it may, I keep trudging along. I'm beaten, battered and bruised. Yet, everyday, I get up, lace up my gloves, put in my mouth piece and climb through the ropes. IF that's what you want to call success, then i'm successful. But I thought success was the ability to enjoy the years of hard work you put in.

Right now, i'm looking to move on to the next chapter. My book is far from being done. Matter of fact, I need to add some colored pages to it, as the black and white is getting a little blah on me. So, as the bell rings for this round, I'm scouting out the next opponent. I can say with certainty, that i've won this round. Though i fell like shit, i am walking away on my own feet and under my own power.

Maybe that's what success is?

Anyway, i'm hoping to get back to this a bit more here soon. I love this place. I love writing and mumbling.

BTW, if your TV goes out, it's due to sun spots!


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