October 20, 2012

Remember When

I've been searching for a new job for sometime now. While I still have one, it's not in my best interest to stay here anymore. I remember being young and looking for a job. Walk into a store, ask for an application, fill it out and hope for an interview.

Now a days, you have to use on-line forums, on-line sites like Startwire, Career Builder, etc. You have to talk to recruiters and go through phone screener's before you get an actual interview. Then if you get an interview, you might have to go through 2-3 more before you get a job.

Employers have made it the most difficult for people to get jobs. I understand they want the best. Sometimes the best doesn't come with a price tag of a college education. Because even those people don't have real world experience and a lot of them don't have common sense.

So with 15 years customer service and 13 years of real world education in technology, one would think it might be a bit easier to find something. I've phoned and emailed all the time from recruiters with "possible openings." But they always call when I'm physically unable to grab the phone. When  you call them back, you get their voice mail. And then you never hear back from them again.

I would so like to have another full time job before my current one ends.



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