October 25, 2012

Sign of Weakness or Just Being Human

Just got back from the doctors. And after a lengthy talk, I learned more about what stress can do to a person. I knew about the breakdowns, etc as i've had one. Knew that too much can lead to things like stroke or heart attack. It's the other things i didn't know. Things that have me in my current predicament  Especially with work.

Is it sad, that even more own doctor advised me to find another company to work for?

The question really is, for a man, is it a sign of weakness that they break down and cry? Not due to loss of friend or family member. But due to the fact they're under so much stress, they just can't take it anymore? A lot of people think men are strong. They fear nothing. Or so goes the myths.

So, as I talked with the doctor, I told him about my breakdown. How I took a seat in the shower and sat there and cried for about an hour. Everything from the loss of family and friends, to the hurting inside. It just flooded me all at once.

He prescribed some meds for my stress. I need to get it under control. Meditation hasn't helped, exercise hasn't helped. Not only is it effecting my head, but my internal body as well. According to him and the results of the tests, the stress is messing up my internal organs. Who knew?

I'm still fighting work about the FMLA papers. I've never had to apply for such a thing before. I hate using things like workers comp, though i have used it once. But since this issue is ready to cost me my job, and the claim keeps being denied....

Am i being human to the point I'm scared as to what will happen if i don't get control? Or am I being weak and need to man up? After all, our forefathers weren't coddled like this. Or were they?


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