December 29, 2012

To Control, Or Not To Control - Where To Start?

So now, not only are we still feeling the effects of the shooting in Newtown, but a lawyer has seen fit to file a $100 million lawsuit in the name of a surviving child. All because, that the state Board of Education, Department of Education and Education Commissioner had failed to take appropriate steps to protect children from "foreseeable harm."

The lawsuit also states: "they had failed to provide a "safe school setting" or design "an effective student safety emergency response plan and protocol."

Now the argument for gun control has been going on for decades. I, just like a lot of others are still sad by this atrocity. But what is a "Safe School Setting?" Better yet, what is "Foreseeable Harm," when it comes to something like this? This to me, is nothing more then another lawyer trying to get his 15 minutes of fame at the cost of the emotional distress of a small community and children.

So what kind of gun control should we have to prevent this again? Your guess is s good as mine. The only gun control that may have any effect is outlaw/ban all guns period. No hunting rifles, no handguns, no shotguns. Not even water guns sold in stores, paintball guns or a child's BB gun. Because any other type of gun control is pointless. But then if you think about it, so isn't an entire ban on any firearm. Because there will always be away to get your hands on a gun. 

What kind of gun control laws would have prevented the New Jersey cops from being shot by a criminal they arrested in their precinct the other day? None! When you want to do something and you have that inner desire to do it, you're going to. Regardless of your surroundings. 

The real threat, and this is my opinion, are all the drugs this society is on. We have a pill for everything. We pump our foods full of so much garbage, we have 12 and 13 year old girls looking like their 21. We have become lazy as a society. We have an excuse for an excuse for four more excuses. Yet no one wants to sit down and figure anything out because were all "entitled" to everything. 

Go back about four decades. Look at each decade and see what has changed. What has turned us into this holier then thou society. Start to fix that, then other things will fall into place. 

People are always saying "guns kill people." No they don't. They are the chosen weapon of the person who is doing the killing. A person can use anything to kill someone. "But access to guns is easy." So isn't going to the hardware store and buying material to make a bomb. So isn't getting into any car and driving into a store front and running someone over. Even the steak knife purchased off QVC, sitting in my drawer is just as easy to grab to stab someone to death. Should we ban all of these items too?

So where am I coming from? How was my opinion formed that new gun control laws won't help prevent another incident like Newtown, or the death of the firefighters back home an hour away in NY or the cop station in New Jersey?

Simple. It was my up bringing. I grew up in a house full of guns. Rifles, hand guns, shot guns, ammo. But I was also taught to respect these weapons. I knew I was to never touch these. My father taught me at a very young age what these weapons can do to a person. He taught me how to shoot. 

Even after my parents split, and as I got older, I still had respect. Respect for the weapons and respect for the human life. I knew the consequences of any action to be taken and I didn't want those.

Now, I've been shot at a few times. The occasional hunting incident where some jackass from the city comes to the country to hunt and shoots anything that moves. Regardless of the fact i'm decked head to toe in fluorescent orange, you can see me in space. I don't think there was a time, when I hunted, that a round or two flew by my head. Did I want gun control? No. I wanted these people to go back and take more classes, understand what the hell they were doing and pay attention. 

Or the time I was standing in the CVS parking lot one morning with a friend on the way to school. A kid, who my friend got into a fight the day before, decided to show up with a .22 rifle and start shooting. My friend was hit twice, he survived. I escaped by jumping into the dumpster, knowing the rounds wouldn't penetrate the steel.  

The kid ended up in juvenile hall until he was 18. Something like 4 or 5 years. I met him when he got out, as he finished his senior year at school. I had no hard feelings toward him. As at the time, he had some mental issues. And if the guns in his parents house were locked up like they should have been, he never would have gotten his hands on one so easily. Now this kid, is grown into a great man with wife and children. Wouldn't cause harm to no one now. But at that time, he was very disturbed in his head. He could have easily brought a knife and gotten closer and stabbed us both.

Or the time in college, where my neighbor and I were on my balcony sitting and conversing, when there was a drive by up the road. Rounds bounced off my balcony almost hitting us. The next night, there was retaliation and again, more rounds bounced off my balcony. 

And yet, i'm not screaming for more gun control. Because I know it won't work. 

What I am saying is, making more laws on top of other laws won't work. We as a society have to get back to basics. We have to start looking at the root of what's causing this and it's not guns. Start looking at the chemicals were putting into our bodies and we may find a good starting point. Start looking into what is making us want to cause harm to others, another good starting point.
More gun control laws are not the answer. Maybe small reform is a start. But we have to look for the root cause. Then and only then can we as a society start to heal.


December 20, 2012

Injustice w/o Hero's

Some time ago, I had posted about me possible getting a nice book to add to my collection. I had this feeling I was going to get ripped and I did. I did get the book. just not the one I had one at auction. The seller went on rant after rant and in the end, being who I am, told her to fuck off and kept it.

I knew it was a reprint from the early 70's, so there's nothing wrong there. It was quoted as being un-opened. So she had told both paypal and Listia that she was sending me a second book, so now I would have 2. PFT! Didn't even get the first one.

Being a collector, I'm not going to rip anyone off. If you offer to sell me something I know that's worth more, i'll pay you a little more. It's only fair. Anyway, I've had this book for a few weeks just sitting on my desk, wondering if I should add it to the collection just because it's the first story of Wonder Woman, or put it back up for auction, properly listed.

I've decided to keep it. So for the first one supposedly being unopened, which they did come sealed, the one I got has creases in it, the cover doesn't line up and the packaging, well, I've seen condoms packed better.
I understand when bidding on auctions that when it comes to shipping, real life things happen. So i'm not a hound dog. I will usually give you upwards of 3-4 weeks. But anything after that, you're done for.

So for winning an "un-opened" book, it's not in the greatest condition. But the stories in it alone, are worth it in the end.

So much for being "un-opened" like the seller had claimed

10 cent comics. now their what, $3-4 each??

Original printing was in 1942. This reprint is from 1974

Stories are readable and colors look good for being 30+ years old

Nice fucking packing job


December 4, 2012


For years, I've been curious to things related tot he occult. Not as in practicing, but reading. Looking at things from a different perspective, as those of different religions look on things. There are a few things however that I do hold close. Not as a fanatic, or that of a theorist. But that of possibilities.

One thing I was good at doing, and I guess you can say it was that of practice was the tarot cards. I did seem to have an ability to read a person and the cards told the rest. Some people have this ability to sit in front of you and make observations and then be ab;e to "read" you. Others, after some time in conversation can do much the same.

Anyway, I've always found that, my tarot card, Death, rings true in a lot of ways. just like the reading of what a Scorpion is.

Death is the thirteenth card, and renders 'total change'. The Death figure wears Osiris' helmet, linking it to the previous card. This is the resurrection -the Hanged Man has been through the agony, and now there is rebirth; the redemption, the salvation, the change had come to pass. 
 Death is the ultimate operative of the natural cycle, destruction being the force in nature that paves way for the new. Change occurs in life, whether desired or not. This has to be met with acceptance. The card also signifies alchemical transformation, and life and death are illusions from a perspective superior to the human senses. To the universe, as a concept of all-there-is, no matter or energy has 'left' it when an organism dies.

This is the definition of the 13th card ion the Tarot deck. This is my card. And trust me, change is inevitable. So now, i'm waiting for a much needed change.


Mental Bankruptcy

So, I've had two actual interviews since I started job hunting back in May. But I also had two phone screeners. So far, this is all I've had. So either I'm over qualified for anything I'm applying for, or not qualified enough.  But regardless, I need out of my current job and into a new one as of yesterday.

My stress levels have never been this high. Even during those rough periods as a teenager. During which time, there were periods of wondering if we would loose the house. Or the times when our mother was denied any help as a single working parent because she made $14 more then the state allowed to get help. So we would eat macaroni with milk and butter for weeks because it was cheap.

Or the times in collage, where all the money I had from my jobs went to pay bills and school supplies so I ate jelly sandwiches for a month. Because I wanted an education. Which in the end never worked out, because tuition kept going up every quarter, I had no more loans or scholarships to get. But yet, the stress didn't keep me down. Not like it is now.

A few weeks ago, the doctor put me on meds for the stress and anxiety. So far, it has been working. All but one day. I ended up with a customer that broke past the meds and I almost wigged on him. But then, he is a chronic customer and no matter what anyone says to him, including engineering supervisors, he doesn't listen.  That night, my blood pressure doubled and I started to see spots. So I dropped him off to a supervisor on duty and left my desk.

Currently this job has people leaving in exodus. Regardless whether or not they have a follow up job. It's gotten to the point, I have to go for a prevail for more teeth work, as I have an abscess and I can't get the time off. I've rescheduled this appointment from my only day off during the week due to job interviews. And if i just take the day off, I get written up. Gotta love corporate America.

Not to mention the fact that last week, my department had training on how to log in and use Direct Tv's systems, because were going to be supporting Direct TV. There's no rhyme nor reason for it. There's no reason these people can't call Direct TV like all the other customers. It feels like I just started working for Direct TV, but with out pay.

My department use to be one that you strived to get into. It was the best of the best when it came to tech support and projects. But not anymore. It's nothing more then a dumping ground. The morale in the department is at an all time low. And i'm sure if the 40 of us had something to fall back on, it would be left empty.

I read an article the other day over at Stop The Cap from an upset Frontier tech. And his words rang true. So much that it was if he was echoing my company. But in the end, as long as the shareholders are happy, that's all that matters, right?

So now, my company wants to spend $100,000 to move my department and put up a video wall so we can troubleshoot TV issues. No reason for it. We haven't needed one up to this point. Plus an additional $5,000 a month just to feed the video wall. But yet, we can't get a simple raise beyond 1% for the year.

I so need a mental vacation.


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