December 4, 2012


For years, I've been curious to things related tot he occult. Not as in practicing, but reading. Looking at things from a different perspective, as those of different religions look on things. There are a few things however that I do hold close. Not as a fanatic, or that of a theorist. But that of possibilities.

One thing I was good at doing, and I guess you can say it was that of practice was the tarot cards. I did seem to have an ability to read a person and the cards told the rest. Some people have this ability to sit in front of you and make observations and then be ab;e to "read" you. Others, after some time in conversation can do much the same.

Anyway, I've always found that, my tarot card, Death, rings true in a lot of ways. just like the reading of what a Scorpion is.

Death is the thirteenth card, and renders 'total change'. The Death figure wears Osiris' helmet, linking it to the previous card. This is the resurrection -the Hanged Man has been through the agony, and now there is rebirth; the redemption, the salvation, the change had come to pass. 
 Death is the ultimate operative of the natural cycle, destruction being the force in nature that paves way for the new. Change occurs in life, whether desired or not. This has to be met with acceptance. The card also signifies alchemical transformation, and life and death are illusions from a perspective superior to the human senses. To the universe, as a concept of all-there-is, no matter or energy has 'left' it when an organism dies.

This is the definition of the 13th card ion the Tarot deck. This is my card. And trust me, change is inevitable. So now, i'm waiting for a much needed change.



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