December 20, 2012

Injustice w/o Hero's

Some time ago, I had posted about me possible getting a nice book to add to my collection. I had this feeling I was going to get ripped and I did. I did get the book. just not the one I had one at auction. The seller went on rant after rant and in the end, being who I am, told her to fuck off and kept it.

I knew it was a reprint from the early 70's, so there's nothing wrong there. It was quoted as being un-opened. So she had told both paypal and Listia that she was sending me a second book, so now I would have 2. PFT! Didn't even get the first one.

Being a collector, I'm not going to rip anyone off. If you offer to sell me something I know that's worth more, i'll pay you a little more. It's only fair. Anyway, I've had this book for a few weeks just sitting on my desk, wondering if I should add it to the collection just because it's the first story of Wonder Woman, or put it back up for auction, properly listed.

I've decided to keep it. So for the first one supposedly being unopened, which they did come sealed, the one I got has creases in it, the cover doesn't line up and the packaging, well, I've seen condoms packed better.
I understand when bidding on auctions that when it comes to shipping, real life things happen. So i'm not a hound dog. I will usually give you upwards of 3-4 weeks. But anything after that, you're done for.

So for winning an "un-opened" book, it's not in the greatest condition. But the stories in it alone, are worth it in the end.

So much for being "un-opened" like the seller had claimed

10 cent comics. now their what, $3-4 each??

Original printing was in 1942. This reprint is from 1974

Stories are readable and colors look good for being 30+ years old

Nice fucking packing job



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