January 21, 2013

Burning Flames of Life

I was always one for having nightmares. They always let me know that I was still alive in side. Especially when I would wake up in a cold sweat, sheets drenched, heart racing.
It's been many years since ive had any. Not too long ago, they started again. But they were never as intense as they used to be. No cold sweats, no racing heart beat. Just typical nightmares.
Only once did I have one remotely close. It all started with an eerie feeling earlier in the day. That night, the nightmare had me standing in a burning house that seemed all too familiar. But I couldn't make it out. I was choking on smoke. When i did come too, i was a little out of it. Later that evening, my dad called and told me my grandmother passed away.
Hadn't had one since and that was 2 years ago. last night was different. Sitting at my PC, i was working on a web site and had this nagging feeling starting about 9pm. Something i couldn't place my hand on. A feeling that left me cold inside, empty. Finally i went to bed about 3:30 and passed out. awoke  at 5:00am sweating. And it was about 70 in the bedroom.
The nightmare is a little cloudy. But what is clear, is the fact i was standing in a massive burnt field as far as the eye could see. Burnt stumps smoldered, the ground smoked.
No sound what so ever. No echos of cries, no clamoring of insects or wildlife. Not even the crackle of a flame. Pure silence. I remember I started to walk, my feet getting warmer. I started to run up a small incline to stop and see a small tree stump that went untouched by the fire. Sitting at the base of the fire was a small baby four leaf clover. It too, untouched by the destruction.
As i leaned in to touch the clover, is when i woke up. Now, im not one for dream meanings. But the last time I had one like this, someone close to me perished.
I'm hoping everyone out there is doing good


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