January 15, 2013

First Check Of The Year - Big Surprise

So we got paid last week. First check of the year. Now I've been with he company for six years. And to my big surprise, This was also the smallest check I've ever gotten. Which includes holiday pay for New Years.

So I grossed almost $1125 but only brought home $769. Big fucking difference there Tonto. Broke out my Bat computer and started some calculations.

There's three types of deductions from our checks. These are Taxes, Pre-Taxes and Post Taxes. Taxes being what it says, Federal, Social and Medicare. Pre-Taxes being the 401k and health benefits and Post-Taxes being Stock options, Life insurance etc.

So looking at my pay stub, I had in 82 hours and 49 minutes. So that is 2 hours and 49 minutes of overtime as well.  Now let's look at the deductions.

Taxes - $160.15
Pre-Tax - $115.96
Post Tax - $76.91

Total: 353.02

Normally, when I gross over $1,000, my bring home is usually around 825-850 per check. So today, I canceled my Stock Options. I will keep the stocks I own, However, no more money will be taken out for more purchase. I will sit on what I have. I also lowered my 401k from 4% to 1%.

Barring cancelling my health benefits all together, There's a need to find more money here.

And on a side note, I find it very funny like Wally explaining to the Beaver what masturbation is, that I work for the countries 3rd largest phone company and get a $5 employee discount on my home phone bill. But Because I work for the phone company, I get a 21% discount on my cell phone bill through Sprint.



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