January 4, 2013

No respect. No respect at all

So, apparently respect doesn't mean much to some. Being a puppet is fine. Mastering the art of ass kissing is more then a proficiency for them. It s their existence. Its the reason they breath when they wake up in the morning.

Always saying yes ma'am, no sir, how can I please you more master, is not for me. I will respect you, as long as you respect me. But, if you want to be a self centered ass, then don't really expect much from me.

So my decision to take a demotion, because I have been tired of the bullshit, lack of respect, and being a dumping ground for anything and everything, it seems to some that I'm weak. Or at best, not worth it. Yet, its these same self centered assholes that master the art of ass kissing, that have come to this conclusion.

But in the end, really, its me who will make out. It seems out of those and myself, I have better ability to think outside the box to solve problems. And I'm one to go out of my way to help others when needed.

So in the end, you may think I'm weak or I walked away. You're right. I walked away for sanity reasons and self respect. So please say what you will. However, I'll be more then happy to light your basket on fire as you head to hell.!



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