January 15, 2013

NY Has To Be The First

Always knew NY would be the first for this. But here's a few things i'm not liking about this, as there is very vague wording.

1- It would create a more powerful tool to require the reporting of mentally ill people who say they intend to use a gun illegally

So this includes all inmates, anyone on any kind of medication and anyone who just gets pissed enough to yell, i'll shoot you? Where is the line of the "Mentally Ill" and the normal person who gets pissed off?

2- failing to safely store a weapon could be subject to a misdemeanor charge

What is their idea of safely storing a weapon? Some gun cabinets being sold and in homes have glass front doors (like this one from Dicks Sporting goods:http://goo.gl/8xBVt). Is that considered safe? Will this require all gun owners to purchase a bio-metric gun safe? Will this portion require all guns owners to now have a house alarm through some company like ADT? How will they know if a gun is stored safely or not? Are they going to be going home to home and checking?

3- An owner caught at home with eight or more bullets in a magazine could face a misdemeanor charge.

How will they know? Are they going to go house to house asking to see all weapons and ammunition? A standard Glock 37 comes with a 10 round clip. While for first time buyers, the Glock 17 comes with a 17 round clip with 19/33 as options. So now as an owner, I not only have to sell the stock part, but buy a extra part? And as a collector, now i just devalued my collection because the stock part is now considered illegal?
Even a hunting rifle, not an assault rifle, such as the Marlin XT-22 (.22 caliber comes with a 10 round tubular magazine. Which, even by CA laws are legal as it's rim fire.

These weapons listed are not assault rifles like the AR-15 Bushmaster, or the M&P rifles from Smith and Wesson. However, they can cause just as much damage in the wrong hands.

These laws that are about to be passed are going to do nothing to protect me, you or your kids. Because they're not getting to the root cause as to why these people are taking their frustrations out on innocents with a gun. 

Mark my words, with all the media attention they're getting. Some fucking moron is going to one up them and blow some shit up with items bought at Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart. It's inevitable.


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