January 19, 2013

Still On The Hunt

Since May of last year, I've been actively filling out applications for a new job. In today's world, the days of going to the job site and asking for an application are almost all but gone. Unless it's places like Mcdonalds, or CVS. Hell, even Wally World does online applications.

I keep a record of what get's sent out, who I speak with, etc. And so far, out of over 70 applications, there have been 2 phone screeners and 2 sit down interviews. The majority of my replies are you're over qualified  not qualified enough or the best one is, it's already filled.

These companies want everything for nothing and are the ones making jobs so hard to find. What it comes down to I think, in my opinion is, because i don't have a degree or am not paying back a current student loan, they feel i won't be worth any value to them because i can walk at any time. regardless of my real world experience or the fact that I've stayed at my jobs for a great length of time.

Guess my decision years ago when I got into tech to learn as much as I can, but have no one real specialization has hurt me. Though I can design web sites, install networks, do network security, minor programming, graphic design and a lot more there is no one specialization.

Jack of all trades, but a master of none. And to pay for schooling now is something I have thought about. But I really don't want to take out loans, because should something happen, I need to make sure I can repay those. So grants and scholarships is the way to go really. but not too many I have found for technology basics.

I'm sure if I got a degree in Computer Science it would help. But what I would really like to do is get into Cyber Security.


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