January 27, 2013

Who's Who For 2013

I'm not sure what data they compiled or how they got to their final decision. But this is a strong list of companies. The title of the article is the Best 100 Companies To Work For In 2013.

Only one company from the telecommunications sector made it and it wasn't my company. Even though all of the market analyst and researchers say my company is great for long term investments for your portfolio, this list is more or less how employees and customers are treated.

What I find ironic is, we made the 15 Most Hated Companies In the US just last year.I can see why with over 250 complaints filled on the Consumer Affairs site. With the latest being just the other day. But it's no big surprise that we didn't make this list. There really is a big difference on which companies treat their employees and customers well to the ones who don't. But when your an acquisition company, nothing else matters except the bottom line and share holders. Now I may not have enough stock in the company to vote or have a say,  but I am a share holder. And I disagree on how this company treats people.

But then, I'm a simple employee who can be fired or outsourced in a blink of an eye.



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