February 24, 2013

Screw Your Health, Line My Pockets

Really. It says it all. New York state has become a waste. What was once known as a cess pool of New Jersey, has been passed on to NY. What a lot of people fail to realize, is there is more to NY then NYC. The city is only part of it.

When you mention you're from NY, everyone assumes you mean NYC. Then comes the question, Bronx, Queens, etc. When you tell them from western NY, they're all like, oh. So dis-a-fucking-pointed.

For years, NY could get jack done in the government. Like most other dates, they couldn't pass a balanced budget on time. They kept raising taxes on the entire state just to fund NYC.

So what's this rant on? Well Bloombergs upcoming ban on soda. Yup, anything over 16 ounces. It's not about your health at all. If it was about health, they would ban it out right. Like they would ban smoking outright. Even better they would ban alcohol or even raise its prices. It's still cheaper to get drunk then it is to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Amid New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on big sodas — taking effect in March — are some details that may have been overlooked. Say goodbye to that 2-liter soda with your pizza delivery, pitchers of soft drinks at your kid’s birthday party and some bottle-service mixers at your favorite nightclub, The New York Post reports. The mayor’s new rules prohibit restaurants from serving or selling soda in containers larger than 16 ounces. “It’s not fair. If you’re gonna tell me what to do, it’s no good,” Steve DiMaggio of Caruso’s in Brooklyn borough told The Post. “It’s gonna cost a lot more.” The rules will force consumers to pay more for smaller containers. Under the ban, they would have to buy six 12-ounce cans at an average cost of $7.50 to get an equivalent amount of a $3 2-liter bottle. Family-friendly venues, such as bowling alleys, will have to ditch their soda pitchers for parties, and Manhattan nightclubs no longer will be able to serve large mixers with their bottle service. “Oh, my God. Seriously?” Lamia Sunti, owner of the swanky West Village club Le Souk Harem, told The Post. “It’s not like one person is going to be drinking the whole carafe. It’s silly.”

The above taken from the Washington Times.

So if you really think about it. IT will cost more to buy enough soda for a family of 4 then one 2 liter of soda. Thus, NY makes more on taxes. So college students who order in pizza for the all nighter come term time, will have to scrounge the couches for loose change. Because now it will cost a lot more then it did. But if they were smart, they would just for go the soda and buy the beer. Because it will still be cheaper. They can study and get drunk. Just like the typical college kid.

Family's can start serving their kids wine at dinner like the French do. It will be cheaper per year if they do so.

So this ban isn't about your health. It's about lining the pockets of NY's already wealthy. And you can wager none of the extra tax money will ever see the light of day of any public program.

And I'm willing to wager, once NY finally get's of its ass and votes this guy out, he won't even stay around anymore. As he's building a major enterprise for himself in England. So he screws up NY enough then decides to tail it out in the end.

February 18, 2013

Is There Anyone In There

Feel so cold inside. Like an empty shell. There's bodies around but all they seem to do is take up space. I've forgotten what love is. What it feels like.  Thought it was coming back to me, but I was wrong. Day in and day out, I drudge on in this existence not knowing where I am. More important, who I am.

I haven't had any friends since we all separated and went our ways some ten years ago. Its hard to find people into what I like, unless their some pre puberty teen. Then, they don't even know what is coming. They're just happy with their cards and games.

I've always yearned for something more. Something I could never put my finger on. Adventure. Travel, exploration. Finding out what lies inside my head. More importantly, I've yearned for someone to do this with. Someone who can almost think like I do. But more so, show me love. Let me in. Let me into myself even. Someone to let me love them, yet they show love back.

Guess I ask for too much. Thought I found such a person. But it was smoke and mirrors on my part. Foolish I was. It had been about 15 years since I had those feelings. But these feelings were a ruse in themselves. Nothing, no one was there. No one that I could touch anyway.

In feel as though my life hasn't been what it could have been. I am nothing more then a puppet to those who really have no sure of dignity. What morales they have, need to brought into question. Not to mention their ethics.

People always want and not give. I am always giving and wanting but not receiving. I always give myself, my strength, my sanity. And a majority of the time there isn't even so much as an thank you.

Half my life is over and I still haven't accomplished much of anything I set out to long ago. There's so much stuck in my head, I have yet to figure out how to get it out. I'm stuck in my head. No escape. No sign of an opening. The one glimpse I thought i saw, I missed.

Just wish there was someone or something out there that could hear me. Understand me. Because I sure as hell can't.

As I lay here and write this, a million thoughts invade my mind. But they are so interwoven, I cant make heads or tales. My eyes are falling shut, yet my mind is racing full bore.

Let's see how long I can last. More to come....


February 10, 2013

Angel Dust, PCP, Crack Oh My...

I remember growing up in the 80's. It was party central. More like a party decade. You had mayors like Marion Barry being arrested for smoking crack at the end of a long drawn out decade of decadence. You had rocks stars living the life of drugs and music. And movies glorified sex, drugs and partying.

I remember growing up in a  small town that had nothing more then a 2 bit store, mini post office and 3 truck fire department. And we had teenagers overdosing on Angel Dust and flipping out on PCP. Matter of fact, my neighbors oldest daughter at the time, overdosed in front of our house one night on Angel Dust. She lived and had since moved on. Wasn't too long into my JR high years that there were many reported issues of stamps (you know the ones that go on mail for the USPS), being handed out and laced with acid.

The so called War On Drugs was never effective. In blind sight, it was more a waste of money then anything. Decades later, drugs are still flowing into the country. More and more dangerous drugs are being created and a majority of the drug slums still exist that were around 4 decades ago.

The second decade in the new millenia may not be as much as a party as the 80's was, but the drugs are, or at least seem to be a lot more dangerous. You still have marijuana and coke and crack. But the new kids on the block are more deadly and more addictive. So called Bath Salts.

Last time I knew, bath salts were something you put in the tub with water to soak in to relieve muscle aches. Now we have kids smoking shit like this. Now, I've always been behind the rally or movement, what ever you want to call it, to legalize weed. I've never seen it do things to a person that these other drugs and all this homemade shit do to a person. And I've never seen anyone "addicted" to it like one does with Meth and crack.

These new bath salts however are a whole different kind of monster. I'm not talking another Freddy Krueger or Jason here either. In Florida a lone, there have been multiple accounts of people who have been strung out on this garbage, that they tried eating someone alive. The starting of the Zombie Apocalypse? Even in Texas, a man was busted while strung out, eating a dog alive. WTF!!!!!!

So where is this going? Well, early yesterday morning, in the town next to where I grew up at the 24hr truck stop, a 15 year old was arrested after beating and biting his aunt. He too was strung out on Bath Salts. Now granted, there is jack shit to do in these small towns. But this??  Bath Salts have been banned in NY state for sale and possession since August of last year.

What has me worried is, that after 20+ years of working at school, my moms job was lost along with a lot of others. So she needed to find new work. She now works the front guest counter at this truck stop. There are some nights that she works til midnight or there after.

Now, I've had my share of scuffles in this place on a Friday or Saturday night after a night out with friends at the bar. Always seemed to be the same group of locals that started things. And there has been no blood loss between the two towns. But since then, it has been quite the family restaurant on the weekends.

My biggest worry is some young teenager or some person strung out on these Bath Salts shows up and starts shit. Normally there are no cops around until called. And by time they get there, damage is already been accumulated.

It's bad that I now have to have worry that my mom will be okay at her place of work. Granted, it maybe an isolated incident. But none the less, it makes one worry for the safety of friends and family.

The punishment for selling and possession of these substances, like most other laws is weak. They need to be ramped up. $500 fine and 15 days in jail? Really? How about $2000 and 30 days for the first offense and  accumulative $2000 and another 60 days for every offense there after? Plus the forfeiture of personal property until the fine is paid, which it must be paid before the jail term is over. Plus, no help from the government in the form of cash assistance and food stamps for half a year for the first offense and accumulative extra half for each other offense.


What Legacy?

As a kid, we have things that as we get older, we realize, if we only still had those, we would have a small investment for our nest eggs. Or we would have had something to pass off to our children's or relatives when we are gone.

I remember as a kid, I would get the occasional comic book. After reading it, it would get tossed aside and never though about again. Then through all the moving I did as a kid, they would get lost or badly damaged.
If I had known they would have been worth money at one point, maybe I would have taken better care of them.

Back in JR high, I got the idea to start collecting coins. It never mounted to much. I was more into music and getting laid then the investment of coins. I had some decent coins, but nothing that made me a millionaire. Not sure what ever happened to those.

As time went on and as I got older, I realized, I don't have anything to leave. I don't have kids. And at 39, I probably won't. But I do have two nephews. As young as they are, it will be a long time before they are ready for any type of collecting. Even if they are interested in it at all.

So recently, I started my comic collection all over again. And I got back into collecting coins. Now mind you, i'm not buying every $1,000 coin on the market. I've started small. Matter of fact, I'm having a lot of fun researching the coins, the history behind them. Something I never would have done int he past. And with the internet ow, it makes it easy. No waiting for books to be shipped from major city libraries to my small town library. Then only able to have the book a week.

I've signed up at a few Numismatic sites. Learning as much as I can. So far I have a nice small collection going. Not worth a whole lot. Maybe $300 at most. But it's a start and that's important. I don't plan on becoming a millionaire. But I do want something to leave behind for the boys should they need something. So between the the comics and the coins, I think they will do good.


February 7, 2013

I Expected This Much

About two years ago, I got together with 5 other co-workers to work on a project. It was to program and design a piece of software form the ground up for our customers of a particular service. The software not only did basic computer work, but was also an educational tool.

We finished a week ahead of schedule and began beta testing with actual customers. A week after that, they outsourced the department, so it killed the project.

Sometime in the middle of last summer, one of those co-workers spotted something on our network from our vendor -F-Secure. And identical piece of software with the same looks, and about 80% of the same features. Basically it was a clone of what we wrote. Problem is, this didn't work. Just like their previous version of said tool, it just was false information.

So for the last 5 months, I have been working with some management heads to see what it would take to gain control of the software again. Even if we had to remove certain aspects other then company branding which was obvious. If they're not going to use it, at least let those of us who still want to follow through with it, put it to good use.

Got the email today, no go. Doesn't matter if it's a Power Point presentation, an email, notes, etc, it all belongs to the company. Yeah I knew that. But what will it take to get control? Nothing. They don't want to release it.

We could redesign it ourselves. We have all the original files. Change code hear and there. But we don't want to take the chance of the lawyers coming after us. All of the code was basic info taken from Microsoft's Tech Net developer site. So it's freely available to anyone.

So there sits this good piece of software in limbo.



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