February 7, 2013

I Expected This Much

About two years ago, I got together with 5 other co-workers to work on a project. It was to program and design a piece of software form the ground up for our customers of a particular service. The software not only did basic computer work, but was also an educational tool.

We finished a week ahead of schedule and began beta testing with actual customers. A week after that, they outsourced the department, so it killed the project.

Sometime in the middle of last summer, one of those co-workers spotted something on our network from our vendor -F-Secure. And identical piece of software with the same looks, and about 80% of the same features. Basically it was a clone of what we wrote. Problem is, this didn't work. Just like their previous version of said tool, it just was false information.

So for the last 5 months, I have been working with some management heads to see what it would take to gain control of the software again. Even if we had to remove certain aspects other then company branding which was obvious. If they're not going to use it, at least let those of us who still want to follow through with it, put it to good use.

Got the email today, no go. Doesn't matter if it's a Power Point presentation, an email, notes, etc, it all belongs to the company. Yeah I knew that. But what will it take to get control? Nothing. They don't want to release it.

We could redesign it ourselves. We have all the original files. Change code hear and there. But we don't want to take the chance of the lawyers coming after us. All of the code was basic info taken from Microsoft's Tech Net developer site. So it's freely available to anyone.

So there sits this good piece of software in limbo.



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