February 10, 2013

What Legacy?

As a kid, we have things that as we get older, we realize, if we only still had those, we would have a small investment for our nest eggs. Or we would have had something to pass off to our children's or relatives when we are gone.

I remember as a kid, I would get the occasional comic book. After reading it, it would get tossed aside and never though about again. Then through all the moving I did as a kid, they would get lost or badly damaged.
If I had known they would have been worth money at one point, maybe I would have taken better care of them.

Back in JR high, I got the idea to start collecting coins. It never mounted to much. I was more into music and getting laid then the investment of coins. I had some decent coins, but nothing that made me a millionaire. Not sure what ever happened to those.

As time went on and as I got older, I realized, I don't have anything to leave. I don't have kids. And at 39, I probably won't. But I do have two nephews. As young as they are, it will be a long time before they are ready for any type of collecting. Even if they are interested in it at all.

So recently, I started my comic collection all over again. And I got back into collecting coins. Now mind you, i'm not buying every $1,000 coin on the market. I've started small. Matter of fact, I'm having a lot of fun researching the coins, the history behind them. Something I never would have done int he past. And with the internet ow, it makes it easy. No waiting for books to be shipped from major city libraries to my small town library. Then only able to have the book a week.

I've signed up at a few Numismatic sites. Learning as much as I can. So far I have a nice small collection going. Not worth a whole lot. Maybe $300 at most. But it's a start and that's important. I don't plan on becoming a millionaire. But I do want something to leave behind for the boys should they need something. So between the the comics and the coins, I think they will do good.



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