March 28, 2013

Little To Late

Per my last post, pain is a whore of a bitch. It's 5:30 am and I'm sitting here typing. Why? Well, the pain in my mouth and jaw is so intense right now, it has brought tears to my eyes. I can't recall the last time I shed tears while in pain. Crushed wrist under and engine block? Nope. Broken wrist? Nope. Not even blowing out my knees on two separate occasions.

Last time I recall shedding a tear was when my grandmother died a few years ago. No, scratch that. I had a mental breakdown last May. Shed some tears then.

Regardless if the dentist wants to keep the tooth as an anchor point for the partial i'm going to be getting, this fucking tooth has got to come out. Four straight days of pain, 3 of those days breaking the pain scale. Even the small kidney stone I passed, about the size of a pin head, didn't compare to this.

I've been so drugged up the last two days, I've been in and out of sleep. I've been cranky and down right miserable. I've missed two days of work, getting ready for the third.

I'm just so tired, I want to sleep. but my body has other plans. Who ever thought of putting nerves and all that good stuff into a piece of bone needs a hole in their head. Just need to stay awake for the next few hours so I can call the office when they open. That's if I don't pass out.

I read it somewhere a long time ago, that a little pain is good for you. Who ever wrote that, said that needs to come here so i can kick then int he nuts with rusty, nail pointed boots.


March 27, 2013

Too Little, Too Much

Pain. What is it? It comes in all forms. Physical pain is a lot different then mental pain. But both forms hurt and always have side effects.

We've all had our share of both of these forms in one way or another. And it seems lately, that my tolerance to physical pain is rapidly going down. Broken bones, twists and sprains, even crushed hands have different degrees of pain. But for a guy, I think the two worse pains in physical form are kidney stones and tooth aches. (This does not include pain caused by accidents, etc.) But these are pains I've been through.

How much pain can one person take? Pain wears you down. Makes you miserable. In some cases, depending on how severe, can make you think things you normally wouldn't.

I've had my share of toothache pain. Some on varying small degree's. Other times on higher, I will kill you i'm so miserable degrees. Like right now. The pain cause by two teeth, both which need to be saved do to the partial i need to get. One a molar the other a bicuspid. Both have been cracked and are infected. I've dealt with it before. But this time around however, it's a lot different  I guess it's because both are acting up at the same time. But the pain goes from one side of the lower jaw to the other.

It hurts to open my mouth, it hurts to talk. It's even gone as far as causing minor ear aches in both ears. The antibiotics and pain meds have done little so far. I can't recall ever having this much pain before. Even when passing a very small kidney stone. I've been so drugged up on pain meds for the last 24 hours, i'm surprised i can complete a full thought.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I can say, anything upwards of an 8 or 9 i'm good with. It hurts, i'm overly miserable. But I can cope. If the pain hangs around 4-7,  I can function like normal, think. Just don't want to be bothered unless absolutely needed. For the last 3 days, it's broken the scale.

So why do I put up with it? Is it going to make me stronger because it hasn't killed me? Am I stupid? Even I don't have an answer to that one.


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