April 14, 2013

Any Method To the Madness?

I'm my worst enemy when it comes to my work. Be it writing, art, we are always our own worst critic. Trying to explain what I was looking for, what led me to create what I did. I don't do it. But I'm about to. Let's see if this works.

Just finished a piece called, Ultimate Sin. Like most others, it's created with the female body. Strong, unbending, powerful. Fantasy, yet realism. Mysticism and beliefs. But it's how I get to where I'm going that is so hard to explain.

When I create a piece of work, I have very little idea in mind. It maybe a song title, a lyrics  a pose or an object. Everything else just falls into place. But each place has a reason. And what that reason is, I usually don't know until i'm done. Kind of like the unconscious speaking.

Here's the piece:

The entire piece was inspired by two things. A friend on Google+ and music by Ozzy. Every piece of art you look at, you can interpret what you can from what you see. but very seldom, do you know what the artist was feeling, seeing or thinking at the time the piece was done. 

Over the course of the last 20 plus years, I've studied aspects of religion, occult and things in between. And they always seem to find their way into my work. Not my beliefs per se,  but things that creep back into my mind while working.

What I saw when I came up with this original idea was a woman breaking free and moving forward. Leaving behind whatever it was she had and making change for the better. Once I had this idea, I turned the music on, and let whatever was in there, come out.

For this particular piece, there was no grand scheme of where to place this or that. What colors to use. it started with a pose. A flower opening up. From there, the music took over.

It was Ozzy's, Ultimate Sin song that gave birth to the feel and mood to this piece. But it was also a lot of inner thought as it developed. The woman, coming to life. Reborn or changing herself. The ten candles, comes from the numerology and occult. Mainly the tarot deck. Think Wheel of Fortune. The books imply learning, knowledge, self improvement. Whatever the knowledge is, it's always a change.

The lidded boxes represent her secrets. Aka, skeletons in the closet. They could also represent new beginnings. In this particular case, one for each. The massive book is her road map. It's where's she's been. The rest of the pages are blank, as she has not yet bloomed to fill those in yet.

And the book on the table is her diary. Her thoughts, convictions. It's who she is. Add to that, the anthem on the pentagram, she has cut her binds from not only herself, but her past. She is willing to take the next step forward to being who she is. She has put the matter at hand over her spirit in order to blossom.

I've been asked quite a few times how I create my art. About tutorials. Truth be told, I can't. I don't create my art. In the sense that, I don't know the outcome. It's kind of like closing your eyes and gently pushing on them. you see stars that are ever transcending and moving. There is no known outcome to their patterns. So, unless i create something very specific in mind, which very seldom happens, there are no real tutorials on how it was created.

Another friend over at Google+ had some things to say about it. For the most part, she was correct in her thoughts and idea's. You can read it here.

But for the most part, when I create an image or writing, there is no set outcome. Whatever comes out is the final piece. It's what was whispering to me.  Hope this helps in the understanding of my messed up head. There is rhyme and reason to my madness. but I have yet to understand it myself.


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