April 24, 2013

Get With The Times

Just got off the phone with my brother. He was having some internet issues. So guess who get's called! Anyway, Walked him through logging into him modem to get some stats. As far as line quality goes, amazing. Speed? That little rubber dome in the antarctic has faster internet speeds.

Basically it came down to his modem not authenticating because Frontier still uses PPPoE connections. So I told him to call. He did, there was an outage some 40 miles away that apparently is affecting him too. So then he asked the guy what speeds were available, because right now, his modem said he was getting 1.3mb. The guy said he was surprised, because according to their system, he could only get UP TO, 1mb, (for $35 a month)

Honestly, this really doesn't surprise me. Because Frontier is one of the biggest jokes around for ISP's. I had them when I lived in NY. Nothing but issues. And since Maggie took over, it seems she's done nothing but run the company into the ground.

Not to mention the possibilities of false advertising. As per their website, I put in his address and it said he could get up to 6mb. Which would be a lot better for his Xbox gaming then an Up To 1mb connection. Which I'm surprised he can even do it all, now that I know what he has.

Frontiers site even states they have $1.5 Billion Infrastructure investment. Yet they are just now getting around to upgrading their business sectors to a 10mb connection. And in some small cases a 25mb. Hell my company had that 5 years ago.

Reading press releases, it shows their mentality. They think like TIme Warner, saying that they could offer more speed but people don't want it.

Here's the real kicker. And i'm not a business major, so I may be wrong.

At December 31, 2012, the Company had 2,887,100 residential customers and 286,100 business customers. Now, in an article I read, one of the head honchos stated they had upgraded something like 150 of 190 dslam switch for faster speeds. And with 1.5 billion for investment, most of the rural areas should be able to go up faster than the possible 3mb that they've been stuck at for years on end.

There have been many ways they could have reduced cost over the years. One of them is stop sending techs out for every little problem. I know every time my brother calls in, up, got to send a tech out. It cost more to send that tech out then it does to have the desk rep fix the issue over the phone. As long as it's not a broken line. And most times it's just authentication issues.

Could have saved millions by getting off the PPPoE system and gone to DHCP. It's less equipment to maintain.For the most part, They use a Dlsam, Redback and Radius Server for authentication. KISS. Get rid of the radius server.

But in the end, regardless of whatever the issue is. Is the fact that it's 2013. I had Frontier back starting in 1999. And they have yet to do much of anything in most areas. Kinda like most other ISP's. Regardless of how many residential customers you have, it's all about serving the big business, government and universities. So even with roughly over 5 million residential internet subscribers. Some companies can't seem to keep constant bandwidth exhausts from happening. All because their main focus is on the 50-100mb fiber lines to government buildings and fiber to cell tower.



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