May 16, 2013

9/11 Greed & Corruption Memorial

The 9/11 museum at the World Trade Center has made a decision to implement a mandatory admission fee when the museum opens next year.
While no decision has been made as to how much to charge, officials have revealed the fee can be anywhere from $20 to $25. The museum contains a a curated "collection of artifacts, stories, photos, video and other material" from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to the museum website.Those who want to enter memorial plaza can still enter for free. 

We knew this was coming. Every since the beginning, it was always about money. Always has been. They wanted to included shops and business spaces. They wanted this and that. 

Is there a specific reason, other than money, as to why it's so big? 

What I find funny is, the Shanksville PA memorial is free. But accepts donations. Guess what else is free. The Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial and the WW2 Memorial, to name a few. 

I've been to some major art museums with cheaper fee's then this. And if you think about it, that's what they turned this into. And art museum.  Not so much about remembrance, but art and money. 

I would be okay with a nominal fee of $3-5. Maybe some donations. But a flat fee of $20-25?  Even the Warhol museum is cheaper than this and it's a nationally, if not a worldly renowned site. 

So at $20 at the expected 2.5 million first year visitors, comes out to about $50 million. How much are they paying the employees? Does it take that much to mop a floor or to empty trash cans or use some paper towels and windex on some glass?

Using the devastation caused by such a tragedy as a money making tourist attraction is despicable

But what else can one expect from it's government, both locally and federally. They've run their own states and country into the ground economically, they need to find other ways to make money. Which in the end will go elsewhere anyway.

It's just a shame that politics, greed and corruption had to get in the way.


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