October 31, 2013

DIY Halloween

I remember Halloween as a kid. The costumes, the spooky set ups in peoples lawns the horror houses, The candy. But as time went on through the 80's and more and more incidents, people stopped taking kids out and took them to events.

This always saddened me. Especially when I would stay home to hand out candy. I love the costumes and the looks on younger faces to the scary outfits is priceless.

The price tag on this years Halloween is estimated at about $2.8 billion in candy. And yet, we may have had about 2 dozen trick or treaters.

If I had time and more money, I would do what I used to do. Decorate. I'm not talking about little black cat window clings and just pumpkins. but actual yard props, animations, etc. Which, can be done on a budget and still look good.

This is the first year that I've dressed up for Halloween in about 10 years. I've always had to work or have had no money. This year was no work and no money. But I had to. Halloween is MY holiday. Not Easter or Thanksgiving or even Christmas. Halloween had always been a creative outlet for me. And I feel it's time for me to get back to doing what I was always good at when I was younger. Just going to have to start early and build up.

I've checked a lot of DIY sites for Halloween. And in this day and age, one would think that they would actually look as good and be as informative as some of the stuff they have. Maybe I will start with a modernized DYI site for budget builders.

Years ago I had decent quality make up and appliances. However, over the years, it's all dried up. So it's been slowly thrown away. I stopped off at the Spirit Halloween store tonight and bought some stuff. However, the makeup was total garbage. Even the appliances didn't come with any liquid latex. So I improvised. Ended up using some Elmer's Glue. It gave the appliance a wet slimy look. At the same time, it gave it some flexibility to stretch away from the screen.

Took about 25 min to get it applied and dried, Then about another 15 minutes or so to just do a rough make up job. As I was staying in, the doorway was going to be pitch black. Only a small dime light to light the walkway, it would work. And it did. The little ones didn't know what to say. And were a little to scared to reach into the bowl for candy.

Just wish I had more time and money to buy the good stuff. And to make it really work.  But not bad for being out of 10 years of practice.

Take a look at this post from a few years ago. This was probably one of the best Halloweens I'd ever had.



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