November 4, 2013

$63 Million Dollar Failure

Just like the Federal health site, even local health govt sites are failing. They spent $63 million on the new unemployment website for Florida, and so far it's been nothing but issues for people.

No word from the governors office, no one. Finally, Senator Nelson stepped up, but I really doubt it will get anything done soon. As politics is a waiting game. We've seen it first hand with the govt. shutdown.

I had to file and claim my first set of weeks the day before the system was converted. And just like the apparent 1 million plus other residents, I got screwed over. It's been almost 2 months, and still nothing. They finally asked me today, to fax over my termination papers.

Apparently though, I was flagged incorrectly. As the system disqualified my first two weeks claims. And I still cannot get an answer.

Everyday I look for jobs. It's gotten to the point,t hat all the job boards and recruiters are posting the same jobs as before. Ones I've filled out for. Everyday, I get emails for jobs I've never trained in or am even close to being basically qualified for. No hits on anything I am qualified for.

I've been keeping track of everything, and looking at it is making me more depressed than I already am. 

So as it stands right now, it's a lot like this actually! 



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