November 4, 2013

Family Tree

So in the sleepless nights of my exsistance lately, I've started working on my family tree. I'm more in for it, for the pedigree than anything. But others in the family, not sure. They just want to know.
So I have a 14 day free trial for, so I decided why not. This would be the second time I've tried using their services. The last time was shortly after they came out on the internet. And man was hat more trouble than I wanted to put in.

All these years later, it's a lot easier for the most part, as so many people have started family tree's. It's easy to look up a lot of stuff and compare it to what you have. And you would be amazed at how many people out there have relatives of your's in their tree's. Mainly because trees branch out so much, it would take years and years to try and complete one.

Right now, I've been able to, in three days, thanks to others and Google search, go back to a distant relative John Munroe from Cornwall England. As well as the White family (still working on them) that was apparently loyalist to the English throne at the time of the Revolution. They moved to Canada after the War and weren't taken to kindly.

For the most part, starting with my grandmother, working up was somewhat easy. Cross checking here and there. Looking for records. Problem with the site is, you need to have a subscription, in order to gain access to anything out of this country. So, for the most part, the family is split in two, once they arrived here. Some moved from the states to New Brunswick Canada then back. Some stayed in the states.

So in order to get any documents from Canada, I either have to find alternative methods, or wait til I get back to work and some money saved to pay for the subscription.

Some of the names though are cool. Corlinda Bailey, Charity Sharp, Jeremiah Nightingale, Abigail Lippincott and Lavinia Chase.One thing I've noticed though, back then, 1600 to early 1900's, they believed in very large families. Talking anywhere from 8-14 children.

Had to piece this together from multiple screen shots. As it's getting huge.Though there is a lot more filled in below my grandmother, this all starts with her.  But I am having a little fun doing this. And it's taking my mind off the unemployment thing temporarily.



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