January 27, 2014

Tongue Biting 101

So last night, I took the nieces little one to the Monster Jam. He likes monster trucks. So do I. Loud powerful machines, destruction, typical mans world. But we left just as they started, because he wanted to come home. So it was nothing more than a waste of money. Not to mention the $30 spent on trinkets. So in the end, it's too much to have to spend to pay off the credit card.

Then she is all boo fucking hoo, because the crack head of an ex boyfriend left her. AGAIN! She's been moping around, posting things on FB. Who fucking cares. Yeah, she is carrying his child. However, she needs to start to think. But I honestly think that's too difficult for her.

Not only did the guy steal from her two kids, and pawn the stuff for drug money. But he overdosed twice last year on that synthetic shit. But in the end, it's her mouth and her attitude that keeps her from finding good men. She keeps digging for the bottom of the barrel.

Tonight at the dinner table, I almost opened my mouth. But I didn't. Why, I don't know. I guess it's to keep me from really hurting people. The amount of shit that will come out, someones gonna have a stroke. Most likely me. Especially since i'm not taking my meds anymore because i have no insurance.

But I run the scenarios over and over in my head. It's more like a fail safe mechanism for me. Keeps me from actually saying things. I'm not one to hurt people. But damn. So tonight, i just got up away from the table and went back to the front room.

But, one of these days. I don't care who hears what, who thinks what. Who says what. Words will roll like a flooded river.

All Aboard...

So the first two weeks of my classes are down and the third week starts tomorrow. Like my previous post, these certifications have escaped me for years. Mainly due to lack of money. My classes started out with my A+ 1 and 2 and this week, I go into Network+.

After these, I have a few weeks off, then I start my Server 2008 and my Security+. My professor had a former student email him last week. She hadn't been out of classes that long, updated her resume with her Security+ and landed a job with in a few days. Something I am hoping to do.

I know I won't start on anything but the bottom floor. But I am tired of having to talk to the public and resetting passwords all the time. Plus the fact, in my current position, I speak with a lot of faculty and staff at colleges and I have to wonder what one has to do to become a college professor. As some of these people are no more intelligent than the people they are teaching.

I know not everyone is technically savvy. Hell, i'm still considered bottom of the run. However, I have a little bit more common sense than most of these people. Yeah, it could be considered job security. But the more I talk to these people, the less and less my faith in humanity survives. Plus the fact, I'm a hands on person. I like to find the needle in the haystack. No needles found here, unless I want to make a game of it and find the most ignorant persona I can.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to these classes, despite the fact, I have to leave early by about 4 hours, just to make it to work. Then work til very late. In the end, I get about 4 hours sleep a night. Five if i'm lucky. But i'm looking at the end and looking for a better job. I keep getting told, that I over analyze things too much. Things should be simple, especially in this job. So I guess, resetting passwords is too easy for me and I really need to be doing something  more technical.

So here's to long forgotten knowledge and the train to a better life!

January 12, 2014

New Year, New Start

For the better part close to 15 years, I've been busy in the technology industry. Be it setting up small networks for homes or small businesses, to computer repair and server set up. I've taught everything to myself with the help of people I've met along the way in forums and on places like G+.

Out of all these years, I've never had the money to get certifications or go to schooling. Bad enough, I'm still paying on a years old student loan due to taxes and interest, no way I could get back to school.

However, since my being unemployed for the better part of the last few months, I qualified due to my skill sets, to go to school to get my certifications. Even the basics like A+ and Network+ have escaped me because I've never had the extra cash to take them. Yet I could pass any of the practice exams given to me.

For the past 5 years, I've wanted to get into Cyber Security. Mainly because I've always had a thing for it. Though I haven't actively hacked anything other than my lawn mower or stuff in the house in since about 2003, it's never escaped me. I just haven't stayed as current as I should have.

With all the stuff going on in the world of the internet, major businesses getting hacked and loosing customer information, the whole NSA thing, it's time I move forward. I finally have a chance for something that has eluded me. And I will make the most of it. I know I won't be as technically savvy as someone like Snowden, or even members of Anon. That's not where I want to go. I would like to concentrate on small business security. Even contract out to colleges, etc.

So, I start classes tomorrow. Talking with my counselor, we're starting at the beginning. A+ and Network+ first to get it on my resume. Followed up by Server 2013 and Active Directory. Then comes the Network and Security fundamentals. When i'm done, I will be a certified Network Security Engineer with Ethical Hacking certifications.

It's time for the next move in my career. I'm really tired of talking to everyday people, no offense to any of you, on the phone because they don't know their wireless password, don't know how to turn their PC off, etc.  I like teaching and educating people. But that stuff, you should already know or understand when you get your first computer. But sadly, it's a lot form of common sense.

This way, regardless of what job I get, I can put my tinker mind to work. I love breaking things and fixing them. Teaching people best practices, etc. Plus it will be a major jump in yearly pay. And to be honest, i'm past being tired working for everyone else who doesn't utilize my skills and talents for problem solving and analytics, only to get enough money to stay on the border of poverty and hardship.

It's time to get drunk and be somebody!


January 10, 2014

Calming Period

I sit n the parking lot at work for a bit before going in.  I usually arrive early so I can "zone"  in and get rid of the anger of the trip.

People just Piss me off while they drive.  The worst,  is waiting until the very last second to go from the far left lane to the right turn lane,  close enough to cause a pile up.  Or people who leave 3 to 4 car lengths between them and the car in front while sitting at a red light.

I mean seriously,  if someone is going to ass end you,  your going to feel it anyway. 

What's worse is people who do 10 miles under the posted speed limit.  It's not like they're tourist.  For Christ sakes,  if you're afraid to drive get off the road.

Had to flow three different people who wouldn't go over 35 in a posted 50. WTH??????


January 9, 2014

To Do Or Not To Do

So, after a few months off of work, I landed a 2 month contract job at a company that does basic support for colleges. Roughly about 160 schools world wide. Groups were formed so each groups covers anywhere from 10-15 schools.

It was a two week training period then on the phones. One one hand, it's easy, but on the other it's a little difficult. Being able to quickly locate the information needed among a few pages of documentation. Making sure you follow that particular schools procedures.

It's always best effort, always is. Yesterday though, it seemed like a bad day. They want 7 1/2 min avg of calls for the day. Whether you take 10 calls or 40 calls. But yesterday, every 10 minutes, someone was over there, "You  need help?" "You okay?" It made me feel like I couldn't handle the job. A job I've been doing for the better part of 10 years.

Slow PC's, slow network connections, slow people. It was all adding up. But it seemed they were getting annoyed that I had some longer than normal calls. But when troubleshooting a PC, it's not a snap of the finger. When someone can't type correctly, it's not a wave of a magic wand.

I was getting frustrated to the point of getting angry. If I needed help because I couldn't locate something that I needed, then yes, I would ask for help. But when you come over and you hear me asking or telling the customer what they need to do, or where to go, don't assume.

One of my last calls last night, was a student who was having major issues with the Black Board site of the school. getting java and Media Player plugin errors. There was nothing really to do, other than troubleshoot the PC. Started out by clearing the caches in both her IE and Firefox. Still having issues. Uninstalling Java and reinstalling, same issue. Tried Chrome, though not supported by the school, same issue. Had a second PC, tried that. Took a few minutes for it to boot up. Same issue. Contacted a lead to see if there was a possible issue starting. Explained why. They said no. The Java on the second PC was out of date. uninstalled and installed the new version. Same issue.

Lead came over a few times during this 45 min call. Wanting to know if I was okay. Each time, I told him what the issue was and where we were in the TS process. He seemed a little agitated because now the numbers were way off. He advised me to power cycle the students modem. If the ISP made changes, it could have an effect. So I did. Same issue on both PC's.

Asked the student when the issue started, she replied earlier that day. last option was a system restore. Knowing that can take anywhere from 15 min to an hour, depending on the PC, i walked her through getting it started and let her go. Advised her that, if it was still happening, to get in contact with other students in her online class and see if they are having the same issue. if so, then it's an issue with the Black Board software. If not, it's definitely on her PC or network. To have it looked at.

I come into this job with a technical background. High customer service skills. I'm averaging about 14 minutes a call. It doesn't help when you get long calls like this either. I know, after the two months is up, I doubt they will keep me on as a regular full time employee, much less a contractor.

Doing what I do best, I try to get what they want. Just sometimes, things are out of our control. And making me feel like I can't do the job, doesn't help one bit.


Metal Covers

Per my last post, I grew up with posters covering every inch of my walls and ceiling from metal music magazines. Each section of a wall was dedicated to a band or solo act. Even had a curtain at one time covering my window in the bedroom made up of posters, all taken from the magazines.

Here, from what I can remember and doing a little research, are my top ten favorite covers. Some were back issue's i ordered, some were current issue. The coves were taken off and put into a folder for keeping. It's been a long time, and I no longer have these. But they were at my moms house some time ago in my art portfolio box.

In no particular order:


The Prince, The Godfather

Every since I was young, and really got into music, Black Sabbath and Ozzy had always topped my list. I spent years, listening to Ozzy's music, lyrically and musically. To this day, he is on top of my music list, despite all of the wonderful artist out there.

Over the course of 20 years however, I've never been able to catch him in concert. When i had ticket in hand, he would cancel shows for various reasons and never reschedule. When I could not afford to go, he always played. Even as recent as the new Black Sabbath album, he played Tampa, but due to money constraints, I could not attend. So i knew, I was cursed, to never see my idol live. I can deal with that. As over the many decades, his music has always lifted me when I've been down. Taken me to new places with each new album.

Over the course of many decades, I've bought every album he had. Even at times, ordered the "bootlegs" from magazines such as Circus and Hit Parader. To this day, I own every US released album. Most of the one off albums over the years disappeared, either to moving too much or people doing a five finger discount.

But, I would would like to list my top ten albums. Taking a look at his career, each album is listened to for both lyrics and music. You may disagree with my list, that's fine. This is my list.

9. No More Tears
8. Down To Earth
6.Black Rain
4. Blizzard of Ozz
3.No Rest For The Wicked
2.Ultimate Sin
1. Diary of A Madman

People have always asked, why I rank the Tribute album so low on the list. Main reason is, Diary is always number one and Blizzard makes the top 5. Where Randy is in my top 5 for guitarist, his two best albums, including those of Quiet Riot fame, are always in the top 5. And the Tribute album is a live recording of the songs already.

Anyway, from Randy to Brad, to Jake, all the way through Zakk and Jerry and Joe and now Gus, the music of Ozzy has been a part of my everyday life.

Up next, My top ten favorite Metal Magazine covers!



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