January 27, 2014

All Aboard...

So the first two weeks of my classes are down and the third week starts tomorrow. Like my previous post, these certifications have escaped me for years. Mainly due to lack of money. My classes started out with my A+ 1 and 2 and this week, I go into Network+.

After these, I have a few weeks off, then I start my Server 2008 and my Security+. My professor had a former student email him last week. She hadn't been out of classes that long, updated her resume with her Security+ and landed a job with in a few days. Something I am hoping to do.

I know I won't start on anything but the bottom floor. But I am tired of having to talk to the public and resetting passwords all the time. Plus the fact, in my current position, I speak with a lot of faculty and staff at colleges and I have to wonder what one has to do to become a college professor. As some of these people are no more intelligent than the people they are teaching.

I know not everyone is technically savvy. Hell, i'm still considered bottom of the run. However, I have a little bit more common sense than most of these people. Yeah, it could be considered job security. But the more I talk to these people, the less and less my faith in humanity survives. Plus the fact, I'm a hands on person. I like to find the needle in the haystack. No needles found here, unless I want to make a game of it and find the most ignorant persona I can.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to these classes, despite the fact, I have to leave early by about 4 hours, just to make it to work. Then work til very late. In the end, I get about 4 hours sleep a night. Five if i'm lucky. But i'm looking at the end and looking for a better job. I keep getting told, that I over analyze things too much. Things should be simple, especially in this job. So I guess, resetting passwords is too easy for me and I really need to be doing something  more technical.

So here's to long forgotten knowledge and the train to a better life!


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