January 12, 2014

New Year, New Start

For the better part close to 15 years, I've been busy in the technology industry. Be it setting up small networks for homes or small businesses, to computer repair and server set up. I've taught everything to myself with the help of people I've met along the way in forums and on places like G+.

Out of all these years, I've never had the money to get certifications or go to schooling. Bad enough, I'm still paying on a years old student loan due to taxes and interest, no way I could get back to school.

However, since my being unemployed for the better part of the last few months, I qualified due to my skill sets, to go to school to get my certifications. Even the basics like A+ and Network+ have escaped me because I've never had the extra cash to take them. Yet I could pass any of the practice exams given to me.

For the past 5 years, I've wanted to get into Cyber Security. Mainly because I've always had a thing for it. Though I haven't actively hacked anything other than my lawn mower or stuff in the house in since about 2003, it's never escaped me. I just haven't stayed as current as I should have.

With all the stuff going on in the world of the internet, major businesses getting hacked and loosing customer information, the whole NSA thing, it's time I move forward. I finally have a chance for something that has eluded me. And I will make the most of it. I know I won't be as technically savvy as someone like Snowden, or even members of Anon. That's not where I want to go. I would like to concentrate on small business security. Even contract out to colleges, etc.

So, I start classes tomorrow. Talking with my counselor, we're starting at the beginning. A+ and Network+ first to get it on my resume. Followed up by Server 2013 and Active Directory. Then comes the Network and Security fundamentals. When i'm done, I will be a certified Network Security Engineer with Ethical Hacking certifications.

It's time for the next move in my career. I'm really tired of talking to everyday people, no offense to any of you, on the phone because they don't know their wireless password, don't know how to turn their PC off, etc.  I like teaching and educating people. But that stuff, you should already know or understand when you get your first computer. But sadly, it's a lot form of common sense.

This way, regardless of what job I get, I can put my tinker mind to work. I love breaking things and fixing them. Teaching people best practices, etc. Plus it will be a major jump in yearly pay. And to be honest, i'm past being tired working for everyone else who doesn't utilize my skills and talents for problem solving and analytics, only to get enough money to stay on the border of poverty and hardship.

It's time to get drunk and be somebody!



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