January 9, 2014

The Prince, The Godfather

Every since I was young, and really got into music, Black Sabbath and Ozzy had always topped my list. I spent years, listening to Ozzy's music, lyrically and musically. To this day, he is on top of my music list, despite all of the wonderful artist out there.

Over the course of 20 years however, I've never been able to catch him in concert. When i had ticket in hand, he would cancel shows for various reasons and never reschedule. When I could not afford to go, he always played. Even as recent as the new Black Sabbath album, he played Tampa, but due to money constraints, I could not attend. So i knew, I was cursed, to never see my idol live. I can deal with that. As over the many decades, his music has always lifted me when I've been down. Taken me to new places with each new album.

Over the course of many decades, I've bought every album he had. Even at times, ordered the "bootlegs" from magazines such as Circus and Hit Parader. To this day, I own every US released album. Most of the one off albums over the years disappeared, either to moving too much or people doing a five finger discount.

But, I would would like to list my top ten albums. Taking a look at his career, each album is listened to for both lyrics and music. You may disagree with my list, that's fine. This is my list.

9. No More Tears
8. Down To Earth
6.Black Rain
4. Blizzard of Ozz
3.No Rest For The Wicked
2.Ultimate Sin
1. Diary of A Madman

People have always asked, why I rank the Tribute album so low on the list. Main reason is, Diary is always number one and Blizzard makes the top 5. Where Randy is in my top 5 for guitarist, his two best albums, including those of Quiet Riot fame, are always in the top 5. And the Tribute album is a live recording of the songs already.

Anyway, from Randy to Brad, to Jake, all the way through Zakk and Jerry and Joe and now Gus, the music of Ozzy has been a part of my everyday life.

Up next, My top ten favorite Metal Magazine covers!



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